Best Cat Toys Thrifter 2022

You love your little fur baby and, of course, you want to keep them fit and healthy. Cats like to be active so you ought to invest in some cat toys to keep them stimulated and entertained around the house. Here are some of the best cat toys available right now that will help you do just that.

Youngever Cat Toy Bundle

Best overall: Youngever 24 Cat Toy Assortment

Staff Pick

Though cats pretty universally like to be active, what actually interests each cat can vary wildly. This 24-piece bundle includes a toy type that will entertain pretty much every cat or kitten including feather teasers, fluffy mice, a tunnel, crinkle balls, and more.

$12 at Amazon
Petstages Cat Tracks

Great for multiple cats: Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This tower of tracks from Petstages keeps cats entertained with three brightly colored moving balls. Its sturdy construction means it can take a bit of a beating without getting knocked over. With a few balls to play with, it works great whether you've got one cat or several, too.

$9 at Amazon
Petsafe Bolt

Laser toy: PetSafe Bolt

The Bolt's laser moves randomly across floors and walls which appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats. It automatically turns off after 15 minutes to avoid over-stimulating your cart and preserve battery life.

$15 at Amazon
Rainbow Cat Charmer

Charmed: Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

This rainbow wand charmer is designed to give your cat a little workout as they chase its colorful fabric. It features a sturdy polycarbonate wand with colorfast and non-toxic fabric that is safe for kittens and cats alike.

$6 at Amazon
Pet Craft Supply Cactus

Healthy teeth: Pet Craft Supply Cactus Interactive Cat Chew

As well as getting a little bit of exercise and honing their hunting skills, cat toys are useful for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. This cactus-shaped cat chew is designed to be durable and bite-resistant while removing teeth stains, tartar, and odor as your cat chews.

$8 at Amazon
Nueplay Cat Toy

High-tech pick: Nueplay Robotic Cat Toy

Your cat will love chasing this little robot cat toy. It has built-in sensors that can move it forward, backward, and rotate 360 degrees so it always provides a fun challenge and the swinging feathered bait will attract your cat's attention. Recharge it via USB when needed.

$30 at Amazon

Paw-some toys

Keeping your cat stimulated and entertained is so important, especially if you have a house cat that can't keep itself entertained outdoors most of the day. That's why we suggest the 24-piece Youngever Cat Toy Assortment as the best overall pick. It includes something for pretty much every cat personality and the variety of toys means yours will never get bored as you can change up the toys regularly.

If you want something smart, the PetSafe Bolt laser toy or Nueplay Robotic Cat Toy make for higher-tech and lower input choices for you as you can set them going and let your cat entertain itself. These are great pickups if you want something that keeps your cat entertained while you take a break. Even pet parents get tired.

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