Best chalk paint Thrifter 2022

Upcycling furniture can be extremely rewarding, but achieving the best results requires a bit of finesse. Chalk paint helps restore older furniture with a thick coat that requires little to no surface preparation as it acts as a self primer all on its own. That means you don't have to worry about priming, sanding, or striping any surface before painting with chalk paint. Plus, since it's a thicker paint, it requires less coats than traditional paints would need.

Kilz Chalk Style Paint

Best decorative paint: KILZ Interior Chalk Style Ultra Flat Decorative Paint

Staff Pick

The KILZ Interior Chalk Style Paint is designed for small projects such as renewing older furniture pieces. It's available in more than 10 colors, as well as a spray bottle, and dries to the touch within just one hour.

$20 at Amazon
Shabby Chic Chalk Based Paint

Best to distress: Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint

Shabby Chic chalk paint can help you create distressed and ornate styles with its color options like antique silver, antique champagne, and caesious.

$40 at Amazon
Chalky Chicks Paint

Get choosy: Chalky Chicks Chalk Finish Paint

With nearly 45 colors to choose from, this Chalky Chicks paint is a ready-mix formula that can adhere to wood, laminate, glass, resin, brick, and cement. It's even able to stain fabric when diluted with water if you wanted to get extra creative with your sofa.

$30 at Amazon
Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint

Finish your furniture: FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint

From wood and metal to ceramic, plaster, canvas, and much more, this FolkArt chalk paint is a stellar choice for distressing furniture and home interior projects.

$24 at Amazon
Rust Oleum Serenity Blue Chalk Paint

Vintage vibe: Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

The Rust-Oleum chalked paints help renew your decor with a soft, matte chalky finish. Various colors can be layered over one another to give each of your pieces a unique look.

$17 at Amazon
Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Home rejuvenation: Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint by Renaissance

The Retique It chalk paint is specifically designed for use on furniture and cabinets with no need for sanding or priming before applying. It dries in just 30 minutes and is hypoallergenic with virtually no odor.

$32 at Amazon

Chalking it up

Considering you can't really go wrong with any of the options on the list above, you'll want to lean your focus towards color next. The Chalky Chicks paint have nearly 45 colors to choose from, though you might find that you like the vintage, distressed look of the Shabby Chic paints instead.

The KILZ Interior Chalk Style Decorative Paint rose to the top of our list due to its slate of beautiful colors as well as ease of application. Rather than a vintage look, this is one chalk-based paint that can make your furniture look brand new. Plus, it's available as a spray can as well.

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