The world has almost completely moved on from 1080p. It's just not cool enough anymore for a TV. You need to upgrade to 4K, especially for any box that's the centerpiece of a room in your house. Of course, while you might be willing to splurge for a super big screen and crazy smart features for the living room, you probably aren't putting a $2,000 4K TV in every room of your home. This roundup is for all the less expensive 4K TVs. The ones that might not have OLED panels but will still look great with over eight million pixels. Many of these TVs will have a variety of features from things like local dimming for better image quality to built-in voice assistants or Chromecast. Few of them will have everything all at once, so you will want to decide what matters most to you.

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Best Budget 4K TV Deals Available Now

TCL R625 55-inch 4K Roku TV

One of TCL's best TVs in terms of image quality. It includes the Roku TV smart platform, which is one of the best around as well. We often call TCL's Roku series the best "bang for your buck," so if price is your concern you can't go wrong springing for this one.

What exactly constitutes a budget? That's pretty much up to you, isn't it? You can find 4K TVs for less than $300 if you're on an extreme budget, but you'll probably find yourself wishing for a little more in terms of size or features. The sweet spot on budget price is around $500 to $700. If you can spare that much, you'll definitely be able to find some great deals on feature-rich good-looking 4K TVs. We've got a little bit of both so you can decide for yourself.

These are the best 4K TV deals around that won't break the bank but still look good no matter what room of the house they are in.

Best 4K TV Deals under $500

You're not going to find a lot of large sizes in this category. We're generally talking about TVs under 50 inches. So you probably won't expect to use these TVs in your living room. However, they would be great in the bedroom or a kid's room or something like that. What you will find are some good smart platforms, especially things like the Fire TV platform. You'll also get multiple HDMI ports so you can enhance the TV and built-in speakers to save some more money that way.

Toshiba 43-inch 4K Fire TV | $90 off at Best Buy

The Fire TV Edition means you get full access to Amazon's smart platform with easy access to popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, & others. Pair it with an Echo Dot for voice commands. It also comes with a remote that can access Amazon Alexa.

$239.99 at Best Buy

Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart TV | $380 at Best Buy

This is Samsung's entry-level series, the NU6900. If price is the most important part of the TV to you, you can get a decently large screen for relatively low price. Even the 65-inch is only $500. And you still have that 4K pixel resolution along with Samsung's smart platform.

$379.99 at Best Buy

TCL 55-inch 4K Roku TV | $300 in-store at Target

Roku TV is one of the best smart platforms available, and it's one you can count on to always be as up-to-date as possible with the latest streaming content and newest apps. Plus, TCL makes some decent sets with HDR support, an Auto Game Mode, and plenty of connection options. Has Google Assistant compatibility for voice control.

$299.99 in store at Target

Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-inch 4K Smart TV | $100 off at Target

This TV is normally $550. It's just temporarily down to $450, so you should grab it while you can. That's a decent discount. The M-Series Quantum includes HDR support, voice assistants, and it works with Amazon, Google, and Apple.

$449.99 at Target

Best 4K TV Deals Between $500 and $700

TVs in this range are really pretty good. This is right around the price the average person wants to spend on a TV, and manufacturers tend to put a lot of great less expensive features in these sets. You can expect to find upgrades to image quality with things like HDR support. You'll also get features like Dolby Atmos, more robust smart platforms, Chromecast, and maybe even Apple HomeKit support.

TCL R625 55-inch 4K Roku TV

One of TCL's best TVs in terms of image quality. It includes the Roku TV smart platform, which is one of the best around as well. We often call TCL's Roku series the best "bang for your buck," so if price is your concern you can't go wrong springing for this one.

$579.99 on Amazon

LG UM6970PUA 2019 4K Smart TV

This TV uses LG's ThinQ AI to both personalize your entertainment and control your smart home. The TV works with Apple HomeKit and Apple AirPlay 2. The webOS platform gives you easy access to streaming apps. It also has HDR support and two 10W speakers built in.

$649.99 at Best Buy

Samsung 65-inch Curved 4K HDR smart TV | $698 at Amazon

There aren't a lot of curved TVs anymore, so if you want one this is one of the best bets on a budget. It has 4K resolutions, HDR support, Samsung's Smart TV platform, and compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

$697.99 at Amazon

What are you looking for in a 4K TV?

Most manufacturers don't even make anything less than 4K now, even in the budget TVs. So obviously 4K is a prerequisite, but what else do you need? If a smart platform is important to you, you should know some are better than others. Fire TV and Roku TV probably offer the best long-term smart features because these are based on platforms used in a multitude of devices and built by companies that need them to stay effective.

You shouldn't expect much in the way of advanced image quality when it comes to budget TVs. HDR support will be very limited because the panels used to build these TVs can't really get very bright, and if you can't reach at least 400 nits of brightness then the difference HDR will make is negligible. Other features like local dimming zones and sometimes even viewing angles will be rather limited, too. That doesn't mean you can't get a decent picture, though! Look for things like IPS panels and QLED technology that help keep your TV looking great even on a budget.

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