Best clear chairs Thrifter 2022

It's one thing to buy a chair. It's another thing to buy a chair that fits a theme or your home's decor. If you're looking for a certain level of elegance in your home or you just want to see what's behind you when you go to sit down, you need a clear chair. These chairs are often designed with a single mold so they are easy to carry, easy to clean and come fully assembled. Sometimes that's not the case, but either way, what you get is a durable chair with high weight capacity and a great look for your home. Here are the best clear chairs available.

Greenforest Chairs

Best Value: GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs set of 4

Staff Pick

The chairs come in an elegant shell design with durable metal tube legs that are painted to look like wood. Have a load capacity of 250 pounds. You can paint the legs to look like whatever you want, including bronze, gold, or black. This lets you really make these chairs match whatever decor you have.

$230 at Amazon
Canglong Clear Chair

For Any Occasion: CangLong Modern acrylic stacking armless chair

Designed to be sturdy while still being super lightweight, this chair can fit just about anywhere. It's great for round or rectangular tables and can work in any room. It's easy to clean and maintain as well.

$99 at Amazon
Acrylic Chair Urban

Best for Rolling Around: Urban Shop acrylic rolling chair

Includes a supportive high back, tinted acrylic seat, a swivel base, and wheel casters. Has five wheels or easy movement around the office and good balance. Has height adjustment on the seat as well.

$80 at Amazon
Modway Casper Modern

Best Anywhere Chair: Modway Casper Modern Acrylic stacking chair

A chair that's versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings from the office to an outdoor patio. It is made with durable polycarbonate in an injection mold, so it comes fully assembled and ready for use.

$85 at Amazon
Clear Chair Leisuremod

Honeycomb: LeisureMod dynamic modern dining chair

Has a unique honeycomb design that's constructed from a single mold so the chair comes to you fully assembled. It's stackable and great for any room, including an outdoor patio or your dining room. Also comes in transparent red and transparent black.

$161 at Amazon
2xhome Arm Chair

Best Arm Chair: 2xhome Mid Century Modern Dining arm chair

Made with heavy-duty plastic and a clear finish. Won't go yellow over time thanks to strong UV protection. Works great in your dining room or living room and can be great at events like banquets or parties.

$127 at Amazon

Transparent Value

Plastic chairs don't tend to have a very positive place in modern home design, but clear chairs, which are mostly made of polycarbonate, flip the script. They just look good and feel contemporary in a way regular plastic chairs don't. Plus, these chairs are really low maintenance. They're easy to clean, and dirt is easy to spot since the chairs are all clear anyway. Most of them come fully assembled or with molds that are easy to put together. Many of them, like the Poly and Bark arm chairs, resist weather and can be used indoors or outside.

They all have decent weight capacities, too. With the ability to be stacked, that makes these chairs great for events and offices and all sorts of situations. The Flash Furniture Crystal Ice stacking chairs even come as a set of two so you can get a full set with some great value.

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