Best Cookie Jars Thrifter 2022

When you open a pack of cookies, you basically have to eat them all if you don't have a cookie jar to keep them in. You can fix that with one of the below containers. Whether you want a glass option so you can see how many precious treats you have left or a vintage design that will look the part on your kitchen counter, there's something for you.

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Jar

Popular choice: OXO Good Grips Cookie Jar

Staff Pick

Think 'cookie jar' and you probably imagine something that looks like this option from OXO. The container lets you display the contents on your counter and the air-tight lid keeps the contents fresh for longer. It has a 3-quart capacity and the design makes it easy to get at the contents when you're feeling hungry.

$18 at Amazon
Oggi Locking Jar

Lock the treats away: Oggi Clear Acrylic Canister with Locking Clamp

This inexpensive storage solution features a 72-ounce canister that would work great for cookies or any other dry food. It's made of shatter-proof acrylic and has a clamp lid with a silicone gasket for a tight seal. Other sizes are also available.

$11 at Amazon
Dlifeful Cookie Jar

Hidden cookies: D'Lifeful Cookie Jar

If you want a modern farmhouse-style jar or just some storage that keeps your cookies hidden from sight so you don't get tempted, then this D'Lifeful cookie jar is for you. It has a classic design and a powder-coated steel design that can withstand day-to-day usage without chipping. There's a bamboo lid with airtight gasket to keep things fresh.

$26 at Amazon
Sweetzer Orange Glass Jar

Affordable option: Sweetzer & Orange Glass Cookie Jar

This Sweetzer & Orange jar features an airtight lid and its minimal glass and bamboo design will fit in with basically any kitchen decor. It comes in a variety of different sizes so you can take your pick depending on what (or how much) you want to store.

$13 at Amazon
Dii Vintage Cookie Jar

Vintage looks: DII Ceramic Container

For a vintage-style, go for the DII ceramic cookie container with "Fresh Homemade Cookies" emblazoned on the front. It comes in a few different colors and has a capacity of 10.5 cups. We won't tell anyone if your cookies are store-bought...

$29 at Amazon
Mygift Cookie Stacking Jars

Stack the snacks: MyGift 3-Tier Stacking Glass Jars

You don't have to mix up different types of cookies with these stackable jars and it turns a storage solution into something more eye-catching for your kitchen. These stacking jars will work great as storage as well as a centerpiece at parties.

$43 at Amazon

Time for a snack

If you just want a simple way to store your cookies and other snacks, you can't go far wrong with the OXO Good Grips jar. It has a large capacity and air-tight lid making it easy to safely store, display, and access dried foods.

For a really affordable option, or something not made of glass and therefore less liable to break, go for the Oggi Clear Acrylic Canister. It's acrylic which helps to keep the price down and help prevent an accident when your kid drops the cookie jar when reaching for just one more. Of course, your kitchen decor may dictate the style of jar you go for, with various modern or vintage looks available.

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