Best corn peelers Thrifter 2021

If you have something against corn on the cob, you're going to love this list because it's all about getting those awesome kernels off those pesky cobs. Sometimes the best way to cook corn is on the cob, but you don't necessarily want to eat it that way. If you're looking to add some kernels to your salad or your tacos, you need to strip them from the core. These are the tools that help you do just that.

Corn Eppeler Oxo

Best Value: OXO Good Grips corn peeler

Top Pick

Safe and easy to use. Designed to be comfortable and compact. It uses Japanese stainless steel blades that don't rust and has a non-slip ergonomic handle. It's also dishwasher safe.

$8 at Amazon
Corn Stripper

Best 360-degree Peeler: Stainless Steel Corn Stripper and Cutter

Fully surrounds the cob so you can peel it from all sides simultaneously. The stainless steel design is mirror polished, has strong corrosion resistance, and will stay durable and solid for a long time. Has a sort of ellipse triangle design that's meant to give you a better grip as you use it. The serrated twin blades help strip kernels super fast.

$8 on Amazon
Royu Corn Stripper

Best Kernel Catcher: Royu corn stripping tool

Has a concave and convex design with a sharp stainless steel blade. Worried about your kernels getting away from you? This tool is designed to catch and secure the kernels in the top of the device so you can remove them quickly. It's easy to disassemble, clean, and get back to work.

$7 at Amazon
Corn Shaped Peeler

Best Corn-Shaped Corn Peeler: Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

Do you have a hard time remembering what all the tools in your drawers are for? Get a tool in the shape of the thing it peels so you'll never forget. Removes corn in a quick twisting/pushing motion. Also dishwasher safe.

$8 at Amazon
Corn Strippers Holders

Best Mass Production: Patelai 3-piece cob corn stripper tool and 20-piece corn cob holders

Making a lot of corn? Got a big barbecue coming up? Get this bundle that includes three corn strippers and 20 corn cob holders. Don't let anyone have any excuse not to dive into that delicious corn.

$13 at Amazon
Corn Peeler Bundle

Best Tool Bundle: Listenman Peeler Kit with 3-in-1 multifunction vegetable peeler

Grab all the tools you need for all your peeling issues. The bundle includes a three-in-one replaceable peeler, a large peeler, a standard peeler, a julienne peeler, a corn stripper, and an avocado peeler. Strip your corn and a dozen other fruits and veggies with this kit.

$11 at Amazon

Nom nom nom!

Corn is delicious, but not everyone eats corn the same way. In fact, you might not be eating the corn alone but adding it to some other dish. If getting the corn off the cob is your priority, then you need a solid peeler. The OXO Good Grips peeler is the most traditional option. It's a tool that will fit in with your other peelers and utensils, and it's designed to be durable for a long time. Corn peeling is not a regular occurance for most people, so you want a tool that can sit in your drawer for a while when not in use.

Of course, you might need some other peelers, too, and that's why you should consider a bundle like the Listenman peeler kit that even includes options for julienne peeling and avocados. Have a lot of corn that you need to peel even faster? Get one of the 360-degree corn strippers like the Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper that can remove all the kernels from all around the cob in one quick motion.

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