Best desk fans Thrifter 2022

You need to cool off! And you need a good desk fan to do it. There is a wider selection available than you might think, and they all vary with different features like variable speed adjustment, head oscillation, how they're powered, and more. In the long run, fans can even save you a bit of money by taking some of the pressure off your air conditioner. Get the cool air blasted right in your face, save energy, and do it with a fan that's not significantly loud anyway. Here are the best ones available on Amazon.

Vornado 133

Best Value: Vornado 133 compact air circulator fan

Top Pick

Vornado is very good at creating fans that can circulate air around an entire room, even when they are small and compact like this one. It has two-speed manual control so it's easy to use, too. Tilt the head in multiple directions to find the best airflow.

$40 at Amazon
Honeywell Kaz

Mount it: Honeywell Kaz HT-904 tabletop air circulator

This is a small, quiet fan designed to fit on your table or even be mounted to a wall. Can fully cool a small or medium-sized room. It has three speeds and a 90-degree pivoting head. The aerodynamic turbo design maximizes air movement so you can feel the cooling air from up to 27 feet away.

$15 at Amazon
Rowenta Fan

No Noise: Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 12-inch table fan

With exceptionally strong airflow, this fan can cover up to 1,695 cubic feet per minute with cool air. It has four speed settings, five blades, and a 12-inch oscillating head. Even at top speeds it never gets louder than 55 dB.

$80 at Amazon
Vornado Flippi Fan

Just for You: Vornado Flippi V6 personal air circulator

Much like other Vornado fans, this one is also very good at moving the air all around you. It has two speed controls, an adjustable tilt head, and a manual swivel base so you can direct the air.

$18 at Amazon
Aluan Desk Fan

Powered by USB: Aluan portable desk fan

Comes built with a copper-made brushless motor that's stronger and lasts longer than a regular motor. Can help the blades run at higher speeds as well. It's a six-inch portable fan so it's a bit smaller than other fans but just as capable. It has two adjustable speeds and can be powered by a USB port.

$12 at Amazon
Gaiatop Desk Fan

Three Speeds: Gaiatop small USB desk fan

This fan is portable, quiet, and has three adjustable speed settings. It works great on your desktop and can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. You can even take it in the car or to the office as it's easily powered via USB.

$14 at Amazon

Cool Off

Do you work in a room in your house that just always seems to be warm no matter what you do? Grab a desk fan to help circulate the air and cool you off while you're working. The Honeywell HT-900 is an insanely popular choice, and it's super powerful. It's compact enough to sit unassumingly on your desk while still with blades that spin fast enough you can feel it up to 27 feet away.

Vornado fans are also really great. They don't just blast cool air at you, they circulate the air all around you so you're living and working in an overall cooler environment. You could go with our top pick, the Vornado 133 or the smaller and more personal Vornado Flippi V6. You'll feel the difference on your face no matter which one you go with.

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