Best Desk Organizers Thrifter 2022

If you have a bunch of stuff you need to keep within arm's reach on your desk every day or you simply want to clear your workspace of day-to-day clutter, you need a desk organizer. There is a bunch of different types to choose from but these are our favorites.

Rolodex Mesh Pencil Holder

Best overall: Rolodex Mesh Pencil Cup Organizer

Staff Pick

For many people, things like pens, sticky notes, paperclips, and other small items are the most common cause of desk clutter. If that sounds like you, then a simple pencil cup-style desk organizer will provide the right amount of storage space. This Rolodex option has several compartments to keep things tidy and handy.

$12 at Amazon
Samstar Letter Tray

Document storage: Samstar Letter Tray Paper Organizer

If you find your desk strewn with documents by the end of the day, it would be worth investing in a letter tray-style desk organizer. This 5-tier option has plenty of space for your letters and files while using vertical space to avoid having papers all over your desk.

$26 at Amazon
Office Oasis Organizer

Suit your needs: The Office Oasis Customizable Desk Organizer

If you want a little bit of storage space for writing tools, some space for thumbtacks or paperclips, maybe a stand for your phone, then you need this customizable desk organizer. With it, you can figure out the best use of space for your needs and make your workspace work for you.

$35 at Amazon
Easyacc Desk Organizer Charger

Charge up: EasyAcc Wireless Charger Desk Organizer

As well as holding pens, scissors, eyeglasses, and other small items that may clutter up your desk, this EasyAcc organizer also acts as a dedicated space to charge up your phone wirelessly meaning fewer items on your desk. It works with any Qi-enabled phone.

$33 at Amazon
Huanuo Monitor Stand Desk Organizer

Ergonomic choice: Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers

If you're limited on desk space, it could make sense to have a monitor stand with integrated storage that can do double-duty. This Huanuo option features two drawers that give you easy access to smaller items as well as some document storage. Lifting your monitor up to your eye line is also better for ergonomics.

$24 at Amazon
Marbrasse Desk Organizer

Pen storage: Marbrasse Multi-Functional Pen Holder

If you work in art or design, your workstation may be more geared towards sketching and drawing so having easy access to your artistic implements will be a major boon. This pen holder gives you ample pen and pencil storage while also giving you a dedicated space for some smaller trinkets.

$15 at Amazon

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Depending on the type of work you do or the type of worker you are, your needs may vary when it comes to desk organization. We listed the Rolodex Mesh Pencil Cup Organizer as the best overall pick as we think, for most people, it offers just enough storage and organization for everyday desk items while not taking up too much space on its own and remaining affordable.

If your storage needs are more document-based, then go for something like the Samstar Letter Tray to keep files and papers organized or go for The Office Oasis's customizable desk organizer if your needs are more nuanced. You can set it up to work exactly how you like.

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