Best Digital Alarm Clock Radios Thrifter 2022

Some people don't want to sleep next to their phones all night in order to avoid the temptation of spending hours on it before sleeping or picking it up first thing in the morning. But we have to use our phones for alarms, right? Wrong. Instead, you should get yourself a dedicated alarm clock radio that can wake you up each day to the sounds of your favorite station and help you shield your eyes away from yet more screen time. We've gathered the best options below to make it easy to find one that works for you.

Dreamsky Alarm Clock Radio

Best overall: DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio

Staff Pick

The DreamSky's 1.2-inch display clearly displays the time at a glance as well as temperature and wake up time. It's easy to tune in the FM radio and you can even use the sleep timer function to listen to the radio as you doze off.

$25 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Alarm Clock Radio

Bluetooth tunes: AmazonBasics Alarm Clock with FM Radio

Amazon offers another digital clock radio in its AmazonBasics range that features a 0.9-inch red LED display for easily checking the time, FM radio, USB charging port, and Bluetooth wireless music playback. Any button can be used to snooze your alarm, too.

$30 at Amazon
Soundcore Wakey Black

Charge up: Anker Soundcore Wakey

The Soundcore Wakey is more than just a digital alarm clock. It also packs in an FM radio, Bluetooth speaker functionality, and has a built-in Qi charger on top. It supports fast wireless charging up to 10W and you can set up to 15 individual alarms. It's a great addition to any nightstand.

$74 at Amazon
Philips Smartsleep Wake Up Light

Bright idea: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light HF3520/60

If you struggle waking up with just sound alone, consider adding a wake-up light into your morning routine. This one from Philips starts brightening up your room ahead of your alarm sound or radio turning on helping you wake up more gently. It can also be used as a dimming sleep light.

$80 at Amazon
Anjank Clock Radio

Ten more minutes: Anjank Small Digital Alarm Clock Radio

The best part about this alarm clock is the big ol' snooze button on top making it super easy to catch a few more moments of sleep when your alarm sounds. You can also use the FM radio with a sleep timer and it has two USB ports built-in for easy device charging.

$17 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot With Clock 4th

Alexa-enabled: Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock

Amazon offers an Echo Dot with a built-in digital clock so you can see the time at a glance. You can even ask Alexa to set an alarm and just tap the top to snooze. It can be used to listen to the radio or stream music from services like Apple Music and Spotify, too. It's a great addition to your nightstand, especially if you have smart home gear set up.

$55 at Amazon

Wakey wakey

Your nightstand would benefit from a dedicated alarm clock radio so you can rely on your phone less and maybe even keep your phone out of the bedroom altogether. The DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio is a good entry-level option and has all of the features most people would want and need, including a glanceable display, FM radio or alarm sounds to wake up to, and it even has a USB port built-in for charging up a device if you need to.

If you're upgrading from something like the AmazonBasics option, there are alternatives with added extras like wake-up light and wireless charging capabilities that might make them more worthy of your limited nightstand space and help you improve your sleep hygiene.

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