Best digital clocks Thrifter 2022

Do you know what time it is? It's digital clock time! (Dance break.) If you don't know what time it is, then maybe you need a new digital clock wherever you're reading this. The most logical place to put one is usually right next to your bed, especially when it's armed with a powerful alarm. That shouldn't stop you from having one in the bathroom or the living room or the garage, though. Always have your eye on the time with the best digital clocks.

Travelway Digital Clock

Best Value: Travelway Home LED digital alarm clock

Top Pick

Sometimes you just need a clock. You don't need video chat or a simulated sunrise or a seasoned hamburger on your bedside table in the morning. You just need a beep to wake you up and a nice, large, digital display to tell you how late you are. There is a night light you can activate and adjustable volume levels.

$13 at Amazon
Sonic Bomb Loud Clock

Best for Heavy Sleepers: Sonic Bomb extra loud alarm clock

Need that extra kick in the pants to get out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you're actually hard of hearing or even deaf? This alarm clock not only has an extra loud alarm clock, but it also has flashing lights and a vibration function that can shake your bed.

$32 at Amazon
Jall Wooden Clock

Best Style: Jall wooden digital alarm clock

If you want a clock that looks good on your desktop or blends into your decor, the wooden design of this one is available in a few different colors. The clock includes function along with that style, though. You'll get three alarms, a brightness adjustment, and a sensor that detects humidity and temperature.

$17 at Amazon
Pipshell Alarm Clock

Plenty of Reminders: Pipishell Day Clock premium digital alarm clock

This clock comes with an extra-large LCD screen that can display a lot more than just the time and has a total resolution of 1024 x 768 on its 8-inch display. It has five alarm options, automatic dimming, and eight languages.

$44 at Amazon
Philips Wake Up Light Digital Clock

Best Simulated Sunrise: Philips SmartSleep wake-up therapy light and alarm clock

The natural light slowly increases in brightness as it approaches the time you want to wake up, creating a sunrise effect in your room so you wake up feeling refreshed. Light can also be used as a bedside lamp. Includes sounds and snooze and other things you'd expect from a digital clock.

$50 at Amazon
Echo Dot 4th Gen Clock

Best Smart Clock: Echo Dot 4th-gen smart speaker with clock

Need more than just a digital clock? Need to control your smart home or hear the news upon waking up? Want to stream music while you get dressed in the morning? The Echo Dot can do it all, including set alarms and tell you the time. Plus you can control your entire smart home with just your voice. This 4th-gen upgrade has a new design and improved internals at the same price as the previous gen.

$60 at Amazon

Tick Tock

Having trouble waking up in the morning? Get a digital clock that won't pull any punches. The Sonic Bomb clock includes an alarm that reaches 113 decibels and even has a little vibrating add-on you can place on your bed to shake you awake. If the sudden jerk to life is too much for you, try the Philips SmartSleep therapy light instead. It goes the opposite way - relying on the gentle, steady illumination of a simulated sun to wake you naturally.

Of course, sometimes a clock is just a clock, and that's okay, too. The Travelway digital clock is great for when you just need to know what time it is and don't need any crazy frills attached. The Elehot projection clock can display the time on your wall or ceiling, so you don't even have to turn over or strain your neck to know how long you have left to sleep.

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