Best Digital Photo Frames Thrifter 2022

Thanks to the amazing cameras we carry around with us every day, we take more photos than ever before. But how many of those photos do you end up looking at again? And how many do you display around your home? If the answer to either of those questions is very few, then you owe it to yourself to place some digital photo frames around your home so you can enjoy your precious memories rather than simply storing them away on your phone.

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

Best overall: Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Photo Frame

Staff Pick

Nixplay makes some of the most popular smart photo frames. This option has a 10-inch HD display and it's really easy to get your photos to display via the Nixplay app. You can even collaborate on shared photo albums with family across multiple Nixplay frames.

$180 at Amazon
Aluratek Photo Frame

Affordable option: Aluratek 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek's digital frame offers a compact and simple option. You can put your photos to display on a USB stick or SD card and insert it into the frame and get a slideshow of your best snaps as soon as you turn it on.

$34 at Amazon
Aura 2k Smith Photo Frame

Ultra HD: Aura Smith 2K 10-Inch Smart Digital Picture Frame

If you want best-in-class resolution, the UHD Aura Smith is a great pick. It's got all of the app-based smarts you'd expect, a gorgeous frame, and an eye-catching 2048x1536 resolution to make your photos pop.

$399 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 8 Video Call

Smart screen: Amazon Echo Show 8

You might not think of it at first, but Amazon's Echo Show smart screen devices work great as digital photo frames when not in use and you can easily create a slideshow of your favorite snaps via Amazon Photos. All of Alexa's smarts are an added bonus.

$130 at Amazon
Skylight Frame

Traditional look: Skylight Frame 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame

The Skylight Frame takes on a more traditional photo frame design that helps it blend in alongside your analog photos on display. It has simple touchscreen controls and uses Wi-Fi for adding photos.

$159 at Amazon
Facebook Portal White

More than photos: Facebook Portal

Portal is Facebook's smart display offering and integrates well with Messenger and WhatsApp for communication and video calls. When not in use as a smart display, it can be set to cycle through your best Facebook and Instagram photos automatically.

$159 at Amazon

Say cheese

Digital photo frames come in a couple of forms these days. There are the super-simple, no-frills models that simply play a slideshow of photos from a storage device and are usually on the more affordable end. Newer models tend to add in app-based controls and Wi-Fi connectivity to make it easy to change up your photo slideshow and even share photos with family and friends. We recommend the Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Photo Frame as it includes the added smarts without upping the complexity and price unnecessarily. It's a great all-rounder with its large HD display and various photo-displaying features.

If you want to move beyond a pure photo-based experience, you can get a lot for your money with a smart screen device. The Amazon Echo Show 8 is more affordable than many dedicated photo-viewing devices despite performing the same function and adding Alexa's smart home capabilities into the mix. You can use it as a smart display when you want to and have it display your photos when not actively in use.

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