Best dog beds Thrifter 2022

Every great pup needs a great place to sleep, and your old pets need a place to relax those old bones. If your dog likes to do that little circle dance to find a comfortable spot, scratch uselessly right before plopping down for the night, or just wants a blanket to dig into at the end of the day, you'll be able to find the perfect dog bed for him or her. Here's some of the best ones on Amazon right now.

Furhaven Dog Bed

Best Value: Furhaven orthopedic memory foam medium dog bed

Top Pick

Pick between several different sizes and colors. The L-shaped corner sofa design gives your dog nestling and burrowing space. Lined with soft, plush faux fur and wrapped in easy-care suede. The materials are gentle on noses and paws, and the foam base helps cushion pressure points and ease discomfort.

$29 at Amazon
Casper Medium Dog Bed

Premium Materials: Casper small-sized dog bed

This bed uses memory foam with durable support foam along with rip-resistant microfiber material to create a fantastic bed for your dog. It even has some excess material on top for dogs that like to dig for the perfect sleeping spot. The cover is removable and machine washable.

$113 at Amazon
Bedsure Dog Bed

For Big Boys: Bedsure extra-large orthopedic dog bed

This bed can support dogs up to 100 pounds. Plus, the design of this one lets you stick it just about anywhere including crates, cars, and any room. The material helps relieve joint paint and provides support even for older pets.

$40 at Amazon
Petfusion Dog Bed

Just for You: PetFusion Ultimate dog bed

Starts with a 4-inch memory foam base for overall comfort that helps reduce joint pain and improve your health. The cover of the bed is water and tear resistant, and it's even machine washable. There's a non-skid bottom so it won't push around when your dog is trying to make himself comfortable.

$120 at Amazon
Bedsure Calming Bed

Round and Plush: Bedsure donut calming dog bed

The circular donut bed is fluffy with plush faux fur and great for small, anxious dogs that need a calming place to rest. Holds dogs up to 25 pounds. The bottom has a non-skid design so it'll rest easily even on tile or hardwood floors. The whole bed can be thrown into the washing machine by itself.

$26 at Amazon
Hooded Dog Bed

Cover Up: Furhaven hooded dog bed with attached blanket

Some dogs just like to burrow and bury themselves in a blanket or sleep under a covering. This bed has the attached hood that can be converted into a sort of tent for your dog or left as a blanket for them to dig underneath. The interior sleep surface has insulating sherpa fleece while the outside has a micro suede that's easy to care for. The orthopedic foam base cushions pressure points and distributes body weight as well.

$33 at Amazon

A good night's sleep

Dogs have it ruff. From only getting to run five miles instead of the 20 they really wanted to getting a soar throat from barking at the squirrels in the backyard all day, dogs need a good place to rest at night. The older your dog is the more joint pain, he or she has, too. So it's great to get a dog bed like Furhaven's orthopedic bed that uses egg crate foam, a plush faux fur cover, and an L-shaped support along the back. Your dog is sure to find a super comfortable position that will provide a great night's sleep. Plus you can choose between a small to jumbo plus bed depending on the size of your dog, giving you plenty of options no matter your pet. Other options like the Casper dog bed come in mulltiple sizes and colors, too, and can also help provide some relief for your dog with its premium quality materials.

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