Your dog needs a collar but not just any collar. You should want to get your good boy a collar that will protect him and protect him from himself. A lot of these collars include safety features like reflective stitching so your dog can be seen at night, breakaway systems to keep your dog from choking himself or losing his leash, and more. Get some of the super soft versions, and your dog will feel like he has a cloud on his neck, a cloud that's strong enough to withstand his bursts of energy. Here are the best dog collars around!

Joytale Dog Collar

Best Value: Joytale reflective dog collar

Top Pick

You've got four different sizes and a dozen colors to choose from with this collar. It is highly visible at night thanks to the reflective design. That's great for evening walks and for tracking down your dog when he's hiding in the backyard. It's made with nylon and a padded neoprene rubber material that's durable and dries fast.

$8 at Amazon
Blueberry Pet Collar

Best Color Choices: Blueberry Pet Essentials classic dog collar

You can pick from multiple sizes and choose from a set selection of 20 or so colors or get a customized collar. The collar is made with high-density webbing and nylon fabric that makes it particularly strong. The buckles are eco-friendly, and the metal D-ring is chrome coated for durability.

$8 at Amazon
Kruz Pet Collar

Breakaway System: Kruz Pet reflective dog collar in four sizes

Your dog won't slip out of his leash thanks to a built-in breakaway safety system on the collar. The fully-welded O-ring makes attaching that leash a snap. The collar has 2mm of reflective stitching to help boost visibility at night. Every collar has an adjustable fit so you can find what works best for your dog.

$12 at Amazon
Carhartt Pet Collar

Reflective Stitching: Carhartt Pet fully adjustable webbing collar

This collar includes a durable nylon webbing with a duck canvas weave, a reflective triple needle stitch for low-light visibility, and a fully adjustable collar with a durable side release buckle. It has a slotted metal D-ring for holding tags.

$12 at Amazon
Black Rhino Padded Collar

Ultra Soft: Black Rhino The Comfort Collar dog collar

Get this collar in four different sizes and multiple color options. Each collar is lined with neoprene padding to protect your dog from irritation. It also easily dries in the water and is odor resistant. It has reflective stitching and a design that can withstand even the most energetic dogs.

$20 at Amazon
Dog Lights Dog Collar Lights

Best Collar Light: Outopest clip-on USB rechargeable dog collar light

If you're going to walk your dog at night or just want to keep tabs on him when you let him loose in the backyard, use one of these clip-on lights. They have three lighting modes, including a red emergency flashing mode. The battery lasts up to 20 hours and is easily rechargeable via USB. It's also IP65 rated to resist dust and water so it can be taken anywhere your dog likes to roam.

$11 at Amazon

For the goodest boys

Not only do you get some built-in safety features, extra comfortable materials, and durable dog collars that will last a long time, you can even get them personalized to your taste. The Joytale reflective dog collar is available in four different sizes based on your dog's neck size. Plus, you can choose from a dozen different colors. Whether your boy looks good in teal or black is up to you. The Blueberry Pet Essentials classic dog collar even gives you the option to customize it with your pet's name and phone number, a great option in case your dog enjoys solo adventures.

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