There's a difference between a chew toy and a chew toy for your dog because toys do not last long when your dog is around. He'll chew through solid steel if given the option. Chew to the moon! And it would be great if you could find a toy that distracts your pup long enough so that he's only chewing toys and not shoes, doorways, or pretty much anything else in your house. While no chew toy is truly and completely indestructible, there are many that try and come as close as possible. These are the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Invincible Snake

Best Overall: Outward Hound Invincible Snake dog toy

A plush dog toy that has no stuffing so it won't make a mess. Comes in multiple sizes so you can get the perfect one for your good boy. Has multiple squeakers so even when one gets bitten, there is still fun to be had. Reinforced with Dura-Tuff lining and double stitching so it lasts a long time.

$10 at Amazon
Bacon Dog Toy

Bacon!: Benebone Real Bacon durable wishbone chew toy

Tougher than actual bones and last for weeks. Infused with 100% real chicken for flavor. Has a paw-friendly grip so your dog can really dig in.

$12 at Amazon
Tikaton Chew Toy

Beef!: Tikaton real beef flavor indestructible dog chew toy

Nylon dog toy is safer than real sticks and satisifes the urge to chew. Is built to be non-toxic, tough, and durable enough to last for hours. Includes a beef scent encourage your dog. Suitable for medium-sized dogs up to 50 pounds.

$14 at Amazon
Dinosaur Chew Toy

Cleans Teeth: Wisedom 100% rubber squeaky dog toy

Comes in red and gray. Includes a unique design. The toy can help clean your dog's teeth, relieve anxiety, help with training, reduce boredom, and more. Squeeze dog toothpaste into the grooves so when your dog is chewing, it will massage gums and clean teeth. Has a squeaker in there to entertain your dog, and the rubber material is super bite resistant so it'll last for a long time.

$13 at Amazon
Barkbox Parrot Toy

Rip and Tear: BarkBox tough dog toy for aggressive chewers

Underneath the shreddable plush layer is a natural rubber core that's incredibly durable. Has a treat-dispensing base so you can put little snacks in there for your dog to uncover. Designed to entertain your dog with its versatility including a plush layer that's great for ripping and tearing and the inner core that'll last for hours of chew time.

$16 at Amazon
Pacific Pup Rescue Toys

Attachable Light: Pacific Pups Products 11 indestructible dog toys

This purchase supports the Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue in California. The toys are all plastic free and extremely durable. Includes a free giraffe dog floss toy that helps clean teeth and provide other dental benefits. The toys can be great for games like tug of war. They help reduce anxiety and keep your dog's energy focused.

$18 at Amazon

Chew it up

Your dog will not be stopped by some wimpy toy. He's just going to destroy that thing in a minute or two and move onto something else, like your clothes or the TV stand. He could be chewing for any number of reasons, too, from anxiety to boredom. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that your dog is a chew machine and you need toys that will entertain him. That's why the Invincible Snake chew toys are so great. If you assume no toy will last forever, these snakes are the next best thing. They have multiple squeakers inside so when your dog bites through part of the toy, it will keep making noises and entertaining him. Plus, if you try one and it doesn't last long get a larger size with even more squeakers.

If your dog is not only a chew machine but also suffering from some gnarly breath, try a toy like the Wisedom dinosaur chew toy. It has grooves built into it where you can spread some doggy toothpaste so it will cleanhis teeth while he's playing. The Pacific Pups Rescue toys, which is a variety pack that includes several things for your dog to chew on, also has some toys designed to help with dental issues.

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