Best EZ Seed Thrifter 2020

More of a lawnchair expert than a landscape expert? That's okay. Me, too. Grass seed isn't the sort of thing where you can just walk into a store, grab whatever's available, and call it a day. It requires knowledge of the region where you live, the average sunlight versus shade, a lot of maintenance, and more. If you just want to eliminate all that, or you just want something to repair the dead spots on your lawn, EZ Seed is the way to go. These mixtures combine the best possible grass seeds with mulch or fertilizer in a way where it really is as simple as spreading it around, watering it, and watching it grow.

Best Value: Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair 20-pound bag

Staff Pick

This is a combination of mulch, seed, and fertilizer that's designed to grow anywhere. Spread it under the sun and in the shade. The mixture even has a tackifier that helps keep the seeds from washing away. Covers up to 445 square feet.

$54 at Amazon

Best for Simplicity: Pennington Seed 5-pound seeding mix

Designed to grow in any environment, even less than hospitable ones. The seeds will thrive in sun or shade, and everything you need is mixed in this one container. The container's design makes it easy to spread.

$13 at Amazon

Best Straw: EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch

Trying to plant seed but running into trouble from wind, birds, or washout? Use this easy-to-apply organic processed straw. It protects your grass seed, it's completely biodegradable so you don't have to clean it up, and it's safe for kids and pets.

$33 at Amazon

Best for New Grass: Scotts Turf Builder 15-pound starter food

The top two items in this collection include grass seed in the mix. This one assumes you've already planted grass seed and need it to grow. The starter food ensures your grass will grow 70% thicker and 35% quicker.

$20 at Amazon

Best for Repair: Mountain View Seeds Pro Patch 3.5-pound lawn repair kit

Includes mulch enhanced with WaterGard, ryegrass, fescue, and bluegrass for a combination that grows just about anywhere without a lot of maintenance. Can repair bare areas in under eight weeks.

$25 at Amazon

Best in the Shade: Pennington Smart Seed dense shade 7-pound grass seed

Designed specifically with a variety of grass seeds that thrive in the shade. This mix produces grass that is fine bladed and low maintenance. The 7-pound bag can cover up to 1,750 square feet.

$36 at Amazon

Just get it done.

EZ Seed grass seed is not messing around. The combination of mulch, fertilizer, and multiple varieties of grass seed give it the ability to thrive in conditions where grass normally doesn't. Like any plant, grass benefits a lot from direct sunlight and the more sunlight you gave it the better your options. But like many humans, you might not have that luxury if you live in a place that's very shady or has a more temperate climate. You still need grass, though, right? That's where something like the 20-pound bag of Scotts EZ Seed comes in. You can cover your yard with this and have grass growing, even in the shade, in no time at all.

We're also talking about low maintenance here. Mixtures like the Mountain View Seeds lawn repair kit include several different types of grass seed instead of just one particular type. This means you'll have grass that survives in different conditions, hopefully giving you a great looking lawn all year round.

If you're applying the seeds but having difficulty getting them to stick around because it's a particularly windy time of year, try using EZ Straw, which is designed to help protect your seeds until the grass can grow. Like the other things on this list, it's super low maintenance. Since it's biodegradable, you don't even have to clean it up.

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