Best fidget cubes Thrifter 2022

With so many fidget cubes on the market and all the different styles available, finding the best model out there isn't exactly the easiest task. Whether you prefer a colorful cube or just one with a myriad of buttons and gears to fiddle with, there are a ton of options. We're gathering the best fidget cubes you can buy to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and discover a new level of concentration in the process.

Pilpoc Thefube Fidget Cube

Best fidget cube: Pilpoc theFube Fidget Cube

Staff Pick

TheFube is equipped with 12 sides of fun fidget toys to help relieve stress and anxiety. Along with a joystick, soft clicker, and sliders, there's a silicone ball, a silica rope, a rotating disc, spinning gears, a finger massager, buttons, a switch, and a worry stone. Other models come in various colors and with a few different features.

$15 at Amazon
Crazy Cube Fidget Set

More to do: Crazy Cube Handheld Mini Fidget Toy Set (3-pack)

This 3-piece set of fidget toys is a great pick for the top fidgeters out there. When you're feeling a bit bored of the Infinity Cube that's included, you can play around with the Fidget Pad Cube or the Fidget Bike Chain. All of them are small enough to fit in your pocket and act as a great way to relieve anxiety when you're away from home.

$14 at Amazon
Infinity Cube Small Fish Fidget Cube Toy

Endless fun: Small Fish Infinity Fidget Cube Toy

The Infinity Fidget Cube toy is designed to be discrete and is one of the more durable options out there. It's made with tough ABS plastic blocks that are linked together with strong stainless steel metal rivets, allowing you to flip and fold the blocks endlessly.

$10 at Amazon
Fabquality Fidget Toys

Fidget duo: FabQuality Fidget Toys + Steel Flipping Chain

From its soft rubber buttons to its joystick and the smooth clickwheel, the FabQuality Fidget Cube is a stellar pick with six different unique fidget toys built-in to keep your hands busy. It even comes with a bonus bike chain fidget toy and a carrying case.

$9 at Amazon
Fidget Cube Antsy Labs

Roll, click, breathe: Antsy Labs Sunset Fidget Cube

The original Zuru Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs is a stellar pick for both kids and adults. You can flip, roll, glide, and click away without worry as it's made with high-quality plastic that ensures durability for years to come.

$12 at Amazon
Vcostore 12sided Fidget Cube

12-in-1: Vcostore 12-sided Fidget Cube

De-stress with this 12-sided fidget cube that includes a number of fun buttons, switches, and gears to play around with. It's made of ABS plastic that's eco-friendly and just the right size to carry around in your pocket daily.

$9 at Amazon

Which to click?

While all of the fidget cubes on our list above are stellar picks for anyone looking to purchase one today, the best option for you really comes down to personal preference. Rather than a huge variance in quality, the biggest difference in these fidget cubes is simply how they look and which specific fidget toys they implement. Most fidget cubes have built-in buttons and gears you can click and spin when that antsy feeling sets in, while models like the Infinity Fidget Cube Toy let you fold and flip connected blocks instead.

Pilpoc's theFube Fidget Cube is our favorite on the list for how versatile it is. Whether you're giving it to a child or keeping it for yourself, it's a fun pick that includes a variety of built-in toys such as a joystick, rotating disk, switch, soft clicker, sliding blocks, gears, finger massager, stress ball, and more. There are several different colorways to choose from, too.

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