Whether or not you believe in all the hokum stating that fidget spinners help with focus and all that, they're still the it toy of 2017, and kids have got to have them. They're this year's marbles, Pogs, Pokémon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Yomega yo-yos, etc. They're basically a metal bearing with different designs on the casings, but people are going nuts for them.

You don't want to buy some cheapo at the convenience store and have it break in a day, though, so here are the best fidget spinners you can buy on Amazon.


Right away, Zekpro's fidget spinners are the best you can buy on Amazon. They have over 1,500 reviews, with 80% of them being four of five-star (74% five-star). Since fidget spinners are so hit and miss, that's a huge ratio of positive reviews, meaning very few people have received defective units.

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These spinners are made with heavy duty steel bearings, and Zekpro claims they can spin for up to three minutes, compared to the usual ceramic 60-second spinners. You have a few different options and colorsto choose from and prices range from around $8 to about $15, depending on which option you choose. One variation even comes with a book of 10 tricks.

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Toloco has some awesome colors and patterns if you're looking for a flashy fidget spinner. There are regular, solid colors available, but then you have patterns like pink stars, a patriotic design with the statue of liberty, camouflage, and more.

Toloco uses inline skate bearings in its spinners, so they're meant to be spinning constantly, making them a little longer lasting than many other spinners. They don't have the longest spin time, at around 1.5 minutes, but hey, they look great.

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LilyBoat's fidget spinners glow in the dark, making the perfect for nighttime fun. These spinners can spin in hand or on a table and they don't require oil or maintenance of any kind — just unbox and get to spinnin'.

The best thing LilyBoat's spinners have going is the 30-day money back guarantee. If this spinner stops working with normal use, send it back and get your money back.

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If you want to get your kid a spinner that'll look different from everyone else's, then check out EnergyPal's spinner, made from a metal alloy, featuring a neat ninja star-like design. Since the entire body of EnergyPal's spinner is made of metal, it holds up well to being dropped, which is perfect if you're a butterfingers or you're worried about your kid dropping it at school.

EnergyPal offers a 30-day money back guarantee for defects with normal use. If you'd like a different-looking fidget spinner than what everyone else has, check this one out.

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Anti-Spinner Amilife

Anti-Spinner has a wide array of fidget spinners, with different colors and shapes to choose from. The more conventional-looking three-sided spinners come in a neat, opalescent finish, which has that oily, multi-color look of purple, teal, and blue.

This spinner has a ceramic bearing, so keep that in mind when buying for younger kids. Yes, ceramic is durable, but it's not quite as sturdy as steel.

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Your pick?

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