Best football rugs Thrifter 2020

If you have some personal space in your home, you need people to know what teams you root for when they walk in. Don't be subtle about it. Shout it from the rooftops. Better yet, make them feel it in their toes with a plush rug dedicated to both comfort and your favorite football team. Rugs are great because you can put them in a lot of places. Throw one on the floor, drape one across your couch, and even keep one near your desk to curl up in your favorite football logo when it's cold. We've got the best football rugs on Amazon right now.

Best Value: Fanmats Dallas Cowboys team runner

Top Pick

Fanmats has a runner for every team, but you'll just have to search individually for your team. These are officially licensed rugs made with nylon and recycled vinyl. They have a non-skid backing so you won't slip when you walk on them.

$39 on Amazon

Best for Kids: Dalyn Rug All Stars football rug

Need to teach your kids the basics? Break down a football field and hashmarks and what it means to get a first down with this high-quality football rug.

$72 at Amazon

Best Designs: Naanle Sport American Football non-slip area rug

This area rug comes in a variety of designs for multiple sports, and they all look really good. You won't find anything team specific but definitely some of the more unique sport-specific decorations around.

$65 at Amazon

Best Mixed Sports: Garland Rug area rug

This area rug has a great simplistic design if you're looking to show off your love of sports but don't necessarily have just one in mind. It's a lot less garish than the other options, too, so a good choice if you're into subtlety.

$30 at Amazon

Best Bath Mat: The Northwest Company NFL bath mat rug

If your team isn't represented here, search The Northwest Company's full collection. They have rugs, bath mats, and more for every NFL team. This is pretty large at 20" x 30" and filled with foam to keep you comfortable where you're stepping.

$27 at Amazon

Best Throw Rug: The Northwest Company "Home Field Advantage" Throw Blanket

A nice throw blanket is great because you can use it as a rug or as a covering for a chair, but you can also just use it to curl up in your favorite team when you need a nap. You can find a similar design for many teams at The Northwest Company.

$36 at Amazon

Celebrate your team

Real football fans know it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, celebrating your favorite team never stops. The great thing about a football rug is you can place it anywhere, whether you've got a dedicated man cave that just needs a final touch or you want to wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, and place your feet on top of your most cherished team logo. The Fanmats series has a runner for every NFL team, and these rugs are perfect for a spot where you need length instead of width.

If you're just a fan of the sport in general and don't necessarily need a team-specific rug, there are good options there as well. Naanle has some really cool designs. You can even get a rug with a football that's on fire or something. This is particularly great for a child's room or a general media room or if you live in a family with people who support multiple teams and don't want to fight over it.

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