Best footballs Thrifter 2022

Time to throw around the old pigskin, huh? Where are you going to be? What are you doing? These are the questions you need to ask yourself because there are footballs for all kinds of situations, whether you're training for your next big game or you just want something fun to do at the pool. There are footballs for kids and official NFL-branded balls for collectors. Find the best football for you.

Wilson Super Grip Football

Best Overall: Wilson NFL Super Grip football

Top Pick

This is an official-sized football with the NFL brand. It's made with composite leather and has a super grip composite cover. It's made with a butyl rubber bladder for advanced air retention and recommended for players age 14 and up.

$18 at Amazon
Gridiron Football

Team Pride: NFL Gridiron Junior-Size Youth Football (all teams)

Represent your favorite team like the Indianapolis Colts with this football perfectly designed for both the young and the old. Features team colors, designs, and word marks. Made with a rubber composition that withstands all elements and works even in the pool.

$18 at Amazon
Nerf Pro Grip

Best Nerf Ball: Nerf Pro Grip classic foam football

This is Nerf's classic football design that's super easy to catch and throw. It's designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and it will last a long time thanks to Nerf's foam durability. Makes for great spirals so everyone can have fun throwing it.

$10 at Amazon
Wave Grip

For the Water: Wave Runner Grip It waterproof football

The 9.25-inch football is made to be durable with a heavy-duty bladder, and it features a special grip pattern for an optimized throw. It's great whether you're at an indoor pool or a lake or the beach.

$18 at Amazon
Peewee Bounce Back Football

Practice Makes Perfect: Passback Peewee Rubber football

This is a training football designed for kids aged 4 to 8. It has a flat end so when thrown, the football comes spiraling back to you. No more bouncing away and you having to go chase it. No more need for a throwing machine. Practice your accuracy, distance, and velocity. Upgrade to larger sizes for older kids.

$20 at Amazon
Wilson Nfl Football

Premium Ball: Wilson "The Duke" Official NFL game ball

More of a collector's item than a toy, this football includes the official shield of the NFL. Made with 100% exclusive Horween leather and handcrafted in Ohio. You can even connect this football to the Wilson Live app and unlock exclusive content.

$119 at Amazon

Let's play!

If you're a hardcore football fan and you want the same sort of ball Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes is throwing on game day, you could definitely get the Wilson official NFL game ball. It's made with 100% leather and stitched together by hand in Ohio. That's some real craftsmanship. If you're looking for something similar but a little more casual, you could get Wilson's Super Grip football, which is still a high quality ball and definitely made for a more casual game of catch in the backyard.

Forget the fancy brown leather altogether, though, if you want a football you can put through its paces. Grab the Nerf Pro Grip and feel like a champion when you're out there throwing spirals every time. Looking for fun at the beach? The Wave Runner Grip It is a great choice that can survive the water and give you something to do while you splash around.

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