Best Furniture Paint Thrifter 2022

If you're redecorating your home, you might think your current furniture doesn't work with the new style. But before you throw out perfectly useful furniture, why not consider touching up your existing fixtures and fittings to see what could be incorporated? Not only will you give your old furniture a new lease of life, but it could also save you spending money on all-new furniture to fit your new interior design. Here are the best furniture paint options.

Country Chic Paint

Best overall: Country Chic Paint Chalk-Style All-in-One

Staff Pick

Country Chic Paint's offering carries the name 'all-in-one' as it includes a built-in primer and topcoat. This means that (most) furniture and home decor projects will only require you to ensure the surface is clean before applying which is a huge time saver. There is a whole range of colors to choose from to suit your style.

$23 at Amazon
Rust Oleum Matte

Matte finish: Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

If you want that vintage look, then this is the paint for you. It has a matte finish when dry for that rustic vibe and one-coat coverage means you don't have to spend ages re-applying coats. It comes in various colors and works on wood, metal, ceramic, canvas, and more surfaces.

$11 at Amazon
Insl X Cabinet Paint

Best for cabinets: INSL-X Cabinet Coat Enamel Paint

Though it works on other types of furniture, INSL-X's acrylic cabinet paint is designed to give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim, and crown molding a "factory-like" finish when you're taking on refurbishment jobs. It's also great at resisting chipping, scuffing, food stains, grease, and water — all the things you're likely to throw at a cabinet.

$19 at Amazon
Majic Paints Satin Paint

Satin finish: Majic Paints Diamondhard RePurpose Paint

Available in a variety of colors, Majic Paint's Diamondhard RePurpose Paint can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces including aluminum, brick, copper, drywall, glass, plastic, steel, tile, and pretty much anything else. It levels to a beautiful, smooth satin finish and is easy to apply, sticking to any surface without the need for sanding or priming.

$15 at Amazon
Shabby Chic Chalk Paint

Distressed look: Shabby Chic Furniture Chalk Paint

If you want to get that distressed look on a dresser, vanity, crib, or other furniture items without the need for a primer or undercoat, Shabby Chic is a great choice. It works great on wooden furniture as well as metal, plastic, brick, stone, and plaster surfaces with a selection of muted tones to choose from.

$16 at Amazon
Retque It Chalk Paint

So many colors: Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Retique It paint is specifically designed for furniture and cabinets and dries with a silky-smooth, chalky finish. No sanding or priming is required making it easy to touch up furniture items yourself. It also offers even, self-leveling coverage that is great for amateur DIYers taking on home projects.

$30 at Amazon

Upcycle your furniture

There are a lot of options when it comes to paint and a few extra things you should consider when looking at furniture paint specifically. We've listed Country Chic Paint Chalk-Style All-in-One as the number one pick as it is probably the easiest to use for most people with its built-in primer and topcoat, saving you both time and money, as well as the wide range of colors it comes in. There's bound to be one that suits the furniture project you're taking on.

Your needs may vary though, so it's also worth considering something more specifically designed for your use case like the INSL-X Cabinet Coat Enamel Paint which, you guessed it, works great on cabinets and can withstand the normal wear and tear of a kitchen or bathroom setting. The Majic Paints Diamondhard RePurpose Paint is also a really versatile pick which may be useful if you're color-matching a whole host of furniture in one big decor overhaul and need something that works on different surface types.

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