Best Gaming Chairs for Kids Thrifter 2022

Every avid gamer needs the proper equipment — even the youngest players out there! While your mind may instantly travel to thoughts of controllers and headsets, where you'll be playing the game is pretty important as well. Gaming chairs are designed to make gaming a more comfortable experience no matter how tense the match becomes, though some are better suited for children and young adults than others.

X Rocker Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

Best for anyone: X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

Staff Pick

This X Rocker chair is built onto a pedestal to keep you off the ground while you're gaming. It connects to various gaming consoles, as well as home theater systems, so you can hear audio via the integrated speakers in the chair's headrest. You can even connect multiple chairs together to sync up the sound.

$207 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Gaming Recliner Kids

Best for kids: AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner

AmazonBasics designed this gaming recliner just for kids. It has a comfy headrest and a matching pillow in blue and black, while its solid hardwood frame and raised plastic feet offer enhanced sturdiness. It's capable of holding up to 90 pounds at once and intended for children ages five and up.

$107 at Amazon
Birdrock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

Best on a budget: Birdrock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

Get comfortable with this 14-position memory foam chair. This is one of the most versatile options out there, though it's best used by those who don't mind sitting on the floor while gaming. It comes in five different colors such as blue, grey, and orange.

$83 at Amazon
Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

Best for super fans: Marvel Avengers Reclining Gaming Chair

Neo Chair's reclining gaming chair sits low to the floor to make it easy for kids to get on and off safely. Among the different styles available is this Marvel Avengers / Captain America design. It even features lumbar support, neck support, and a built-in footrest.

$200 at Amazon
X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair

Best for hardcore gamers: X Rocker Pro Series H3 Vibrating Gaming Chair

This souped-up X Rocker Pro Series H3 gaming chair is equipped with four speakers, a four-inch subwoofer, and Audio Force Modulation technology designed to magnify sound quality and enhance the audio you hear. And, unlike the other options on our list, it even includes vibration motors that sync up with the audio playing for further immersion in what's on the screen.

$239 at Amazon
Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair

Another pick: Giantex 14-Position Floor Folding Gaming Lounger

Choose one of 14 different positions to sit in with the Giantex Folding Gaming Lounger. This chair is available in several different colors and has been constructed with a high-quality fabric on the outside and thick padding inside for extra comfort during the game.

$67 at Amazon

Take a seat!

It's time to score a gaming chair! The first thing you'll want to keep in mind when whittling down your options is how tall you are (or your intended recipient). For younger players, floor chairs can be plenty comfortable and more affordable than traditional models. However, teens or young adults may find themselves better situated in a reclining option like the Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair.

Some gaming chairs even have speakers built-in and allow you to connect different media sources for listening, including gaming consoles, DVD players or home theater systems, your smartphone, and more. One of our favorites is the X Rocker SE 2.1 Gaming Chair. Though it doesn't sit on the floor, it's pretty low to the ground making it easy for children to climb on and off without worrying about falling. You will however need an adapter (such as an Optical to RCA adapter) to connect it to current-gen consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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