Best garage bike racks Thrifter 2022

Your bike has to go somewhere, right? Sure, it's simple enough to lean it against a wall, or even just lay it down when you're done, but that can be messy. It takes up a lot of unnecessary space, and if your bike isn't secure it can fall over, damaging itself or other stuff you own. A solid bike rack not only helps you manage your space, it also secures your bike so it's ready to go next time you use it. Some of these racks even help you secure your bike to the roof for the ultimate space-saving storage.

Dirza Bike Rack

Best Value: Dirza Bike Wall Mount hanger 2-pack

Top Pick

The horizontal wall mount helps free up floor space and makes it great for a garage, shed, or any other place you can mount on a stud or a cement wall. The foldable arm lets you save even more space when the hanger is not in use. Includes anti-scratch rubber and can hold up to 38 pounds.

$27 at Amazon
Wallmaster Bike Rack

For Several Bikes: Wallmaster five-bike garage rack wall mount

This mount can hold up to five bikes and three helmets. It frees up space and makes it easy to hang your bike. It's also easy to install and just needs an electric drill and possibly a level to get it lined up properly. Pick your bikes up off the floor and make some room in your garage.

$65 at Amazon
Rad Bicycle Hoist

From the Rafters: RAD Cycle Sportz 2-pack bicycle hoist

Easily installs on your ceiling or rafters and gets you hanging your stuff in no time. Include a protective rubber coating to protect your bikes. Works with ceilings up to 12-feet high and can hold up to 100 pounds.

$32 at Amazon
Bike Nook Stand

Easiest to Use: Bike Nook portable and stationary bicycle stand

You can free up as much as 3.5 feet of floor space and store your bike pretty much anywhere including your garage but also your living room if you want. Don't have to struggle to lift the bike or get it precise on a hanger. Just roll onto the ramp, pop the front wheel, and lock it in place.

$45 at Amazon
Cyclingdeal 2 4 Rack

Vertical Storage: CyclingDeal 2-4 bike vertical hanger

This bike storage is free standing and can hold two bikes at a max of 55 pounds per bike. It's great for the corner of your garage or even an apartment if you don't have a garage. The hooks are adjustable so you can get the distance between them just right.

$90 at Amazon
Steadyrack Bike Mount

Small but Powerful: Steadyrack wall-mounted bike storage

Can hold a bike weighing up to 77 pounds and fits most road, hybrid, cruisers, and mountain bikes. All you do is balance the bike on its rear wheel and push it into the rack, so you don't need to lift the bike at all.

$77 at Amazon

Biker Space

There's an amazing variety of different bike racks out there. It all really depends on the space you have and how you want to store your bike. Most of them are super convenient as well. If you just want to hang your bike on the wall, grab the two pack of Dirza Bike Wall Mount hangers. These are easy to install and can even fold in when not in use to save even more space.

If you don't want to lift your bike, the Bike Nook stand and Steadyrack bike storage make it so you just have to roll up one wheel to the rack, line it up, and lock it in place. Whatever you choose, the end result is a secure bike and more space for other things in your garage.

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