Best garage brooms Thrifter 2022

Ready to be swept off your feet? These heavy-duty brooms can do just that, probably. If you're looking for a broom for the garage you need one that can handle anything from leaves and pet hair to stubborn dirt, rocks, and other rough and heavy objects you don't normally find in the living room. These brooms also need to resist the wear and tear that comes from being stored outside, and it doesn't hurt to have a long handle for reaching under cars and shelves and in all those nooks and crannies.

Landhope Push Broom

Best Value: LandHope indoor and outdoor rough surface push broom

Top Pick

The handle is 61.8 inches long and made with stainless steel for durability. The broom is 17.7 inches wide and designed to work on rough surfaces like your garage or patio. Sweep away large debris including leaves or snow while still catching fine particles like dust.

$23 at Amazon
Quickie Lobby Broom

Loosen up the Dirt: Quickie poly-fibered lobby broom

While not a push broom, this upright broom has stiff fibers that work really well for sweeping heavier debris. It's great for cleaning up small messes quickly whether indoors or outside. Plus, it's easy to clean and has a powder-coated steel handle.

$19 at Amazon
Blade Sweep Push Broom

2-in-1: Blade Sweep 18-inch heavy duty push broom

This broom has a 2-in-1 design that lets you use it as both a giant outdoor push broom and a stainless steel scraper blade. It also uses a fiberglass handle for ultra durability. The scraper is great for stubborn debris. Use this on your driveway, deck, patio, and more.

$45 at Amazon
Yocada Broom

For Hard To Reach Spots: Yocada heavy-duty outdoor broom

Has an extra-long 54-inch broomstick so you don't have to bend to use it, won't hurt your back, and can reach those extra hidden areas you normally ignore. The broom width is about 13 inches, and it's made with three layers of heavy-duty bristles that are stiff and strong and made to sweep up heavy debris.

$19 at Amazon
Quickie Bulldozer

For Rough Surfaces: Quickie Bulldozer 54-inch push broom

Pick up stones, wood shavings, rubble, and more with this broom designed for rough and uneven surfaces. It has still Palmyra fibers and an 18-inch heavy-duty poly block. The 54-inch handle gives you a lot of flexibility in your movement while sweeping.

$23 at Amazon
Dustpan Set

Full Set: Kelamayi broom and dustpan set with lid

The dustpan is designed to be deep so it's windproof and the debris won't get blown out. Plus with the lid you can secure the dirt to dispose of it when you're done. Has a built-in scraper and comb, which makes it great for stubborn bits, pet hair, and more. There's even an extension pole to make it jump from 36 to 50 inches if you need more length.

$21 at Amazon

Daring Debris

That O-Cedar push broom is exactly what you need for the garage because it's designed with the sort of heavy-duty bristles that won't forget their place after a tough job. The 18-inch width of the bristles lets you move fast, too, getting rid of all those dirt and leaves and whatever else in just a few minutes. It even has a hook so you can hang it and store it until you need it. The Blade Sweep is another great push broom that actually includes a scraper built onto it, too, so you can use that for getting stuck on dirt or ice that a broom just isn't powerful enough to handle.

Of course, you might not always need a full push broom. The Yocada outdoor broom has powerful bristles, and the more narrow width of the broom means you can reach under and around more places. It has an extra long handle, too, so you can get under shelves and cars and things like that.

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