Best Garage Storage Shelves Thrifter 2020

With the amount of stuff we keep in our garages, it's easy to see how the space quickly becomes one giant mess. Rather than creating piles of boxes full of miscellaneous items, why not invest in some sturdy shelves to keep things tidy and easily accessible? Not only does it keep your gear off the floor, but it also means you can easily find what you're looking for since everything will be visible. There are a variety of different styles of garage storage shelves to suit your needs. We've rounded up some of the best options below so you can get that garage in order.

Valuable vertical space: AmazonBasics Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Unit

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This AmazonBasics shelving unit offers four wire shelves, each capable of holding up to 350 pounds and being adjustable in 1-inch increments without the need for extra tools. It's an affordable unit that maximizes your vertical space and will fit into most garage configurations easily.

$50 at Amazon

No floor space needed: Fleximounts Wall Shelf, 2-pack

If you're limited on floor space in your garage, this 2-pack of floating shelves from Fleximounts is a wise investment. Each can hold 400 pounds and work great with stud walls or solid concrete walls. Once mounted, you'll have 24-inch by 72-inch of usable shelf space.

$165 at Amazon

Expandable system: Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail Kit

The heavy-duty Rubbermaid FastTrack system offers storage hooks, baskets, and shelving to easily organize your garage to your needs. You can add more and different types of storage over time and keep all your gear in view on your garage wall.

$32 at Amazon

Overhead organization: Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack

With a heavy-duty steel construction that can hold up to 600 pounds, this overhead storage rack is one of the most dependable around. Plus, it's height-adjustable so you can change how far down it drops from the ceiling, from 22 to 40 inches.

$180 at Amazon

Movable: AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Storage Unit on Wheels

This 23-by-13-inch 3-shelf unit has height-adjustable shelves that can hold up to 73 pounds each. The best part is the 2-inch wheels that allow for the whole unit to be moved around your garage with ease.

$40 at Amazon

For heavy things: Edsal Industrial Storage Rack

This is a super-sturdy storage rack with five adjustable shelves and a 4,000-pound total capacity. It features a steel frame with shelves made of particle board supported by double-riveted beams and braces.

$65 at Amazon

Which to pick?

There's a lot to consider when it comes to a shelving unit for your garage. Importantly, you need to consider the physical space it will reside in order to ensure you have enough floor space for its footprint and vertical space to accommodate its height. You also need to factor in the size and weight of items you intend to store. If you want to start out with an affordable option, we recommend the AmazonBasics Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Unit which can be customized to fit your needs and is sturdy enough for general storage usage, though the sturdy Edsal Industrial Storage Rack is worth checking out if you know you're going to be storing some seriously heavy items.

If you want something other than a simple rack of shelves or want to keep as much valuable floors space as possible so you can park your car, floating shelves or something like the customizable Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail system would probably be a wiser investment. These allow you to utilize all of your garage's vertical space and keep the ground level clear for other uses.

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