Best Garage Hooks Thrifter 2020

What have you got in your garage? Bikes? Cleaning supplies? Boxes of stuff you can't identify? You might have a bunch of yard supplies like a lawn mower, weed whacker, or wheelbarrow. You could be keeping your tools scattered or just lying recklessly in a box. I imagine the garage is also where you store seasonal decorations and other miscellaneous items you only use a few times a year. Well, when you find you have the motivation to organize all that stuff, you're going to need a way to do it. That's what this page is for. We have the best roundup of utility hooks around, and you can use these to forever change the look of one of the busiest parts of your house.

Best Variety: Remiawy 12-pack heavy duty garage hooks

Staff Pick

You have to start somewhere, right? Hang up all your garden tools, heavy items like ladders, and other bulky items with these hooks designed to be anti-slip.

$34.18 with 5% off at Amazon

Best Wall Mount: Twinkle Star tool organizer wall mount 4-pack

Instead of one long wall mount, you'll get four regular sized ones so you get some flexibility on where they go. Great for hanging shovels, brooms, and other large tools. Has 20 total high-quality non-slip hooks.

$20 at Amazon

Best for Cleaning Supplies: Berry Ave broom holder and organizer

Every garage needs a space dedicated to cleaning supplies. You want your brooms and cleaners all in one spot so they're easy to grab when you need them. The holder uses spring-loaded, double rubber gripped slots that can hold everything in place, including wet and dirty tools.

$15 at Amazon

Best Hose Hook: Yard Butler galvanized gardon hose hook hanger

This specialized hook is designed specifically for garden hoses, rope, extension cords, and similar items. You can wrap the hose around the hook for some tangle and kink-free storage. Works with pretty much any coiled material and can hold up to 100 feet.

$26 at Amazon

Best for Bikes: Monkey Bars 4-bike heavy duty garage storage

Monkey Bars has carved out a niche as a company that makes great high-quality bike storage. Store up to four adult bikes that weigh up to 200 pounds. You can even adjust the hooks without disconnecting them from the bar.

$79.99 at Amazon

Best Ceiling Hooks: Henson overhead garage storage hooks 2-pack

Ceiling hooks have multiple benefits. They let you take advantage of your garage's headspace to get things out of your way. It's a great spot to hang stuff you only use occasionally. And they can save your gear from water damage in case your garage ever floods. These hooks hold up to 50 pounds and can be mounted in the rafters or ceiling beams.

$24 at Amazon

Get organized!

Just how messy is your garage? Can you park a car in there at all? Was it originally supposed to hold two? Do you automatically sigh a little bit every time you open the garage door? You can be the change you want to see in the world! Start with some simple hooks like the Remiawy 12-pack. You get small, medium, and large hooks that you can hang pretty much anywhere.

Get the big stuff on the wall, then worry about the little stuff. Grab a wall mount, either the Twinkle Star 4-pack we mentioned or something like this 64-inch long wall mount you can hang across a wall and just start storing stuff on. Put up your brooms and mops and rakes and other tools that are too big for a toolbox.

And if you're really desperate to just get everything out of your way, you could go for this Fleximounts overhead storage rack. It's the perfect place for long-term storage, seasonal supplies, camping gear, and stuff like that. The things you don't need until you need them.

Good luck!

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