Best garden flag holders Thrifter 2021

A simple, well-designed flag might just be the accessory you need to really accentuate your garden. You want to make sure you've got the right flag pole holder though because one thing you don't want to do is spend more time than is necessary worrying about that flag. These great flag pole holders include excellent durability, resistance to rust and weather, and a lot of extra accessories that help keep your flag in place even on windy or stormy days.

Houson Flag Holder

Best Value: Houson premium garden flag holder

Top Pick

This is a 3-piece collapsible pole made out of black metal so it has a sturdy, durable design but is still easy to store when not in use. Includes a tiger clip to keep your flag fixed even during high winds or a storm. Also comes with two spring stoppers. Holds flags up to 13 inches in width.

$10 at Amazon
Gientan Flag Holder

Best for Two Flags: Gientan 30-foot telescopic flag pole

The twist locks help you secure each section, prevent poles from slipping, and make this ideal for both residential and commercial use. Made with non-rusting lightweight aluminum and withstands most weather. Easy to install and has no ropes or pulleys. Raise the pole from 5.8 feet to 30 feet with a simple rotating lock.

$120 at Amazon
Grace Alley Pole

Tangle Free: Grace Alley 6-foot flag pole

Has a tangle free design so your flag won't get torn or wrapped up unnecessarily. Can be used with grommet or sleeve flags. The pole itself is rust free and wind resistant so it'll withstand the elements. Comes in two easy to assemble pieces and stretches a full six feet in length.

$30 at Amazon
Klvvied Flag Pole

Best Durability: Klvied 20-foot telescopic flag pole

Made with extra thick heavy-duty aluminum, this pole has a ton of features to ensure it's not going anywhere and neither is your flag. The twist locking design includes elastic fasteners at each joint so the pole doesn't slip. It has a PVC sleeve for you to stick the bottom of the pole into and make sure it's stable and secure on the ground. The two clips on the pole rotate with the shaft so the flag doesn't get tangled up. This one actually comes with a 3x5 American flag and a golden aluminum ball ornament for the top.

$96 at Amazon
Two Pack Flag Poles

Two Pack: Akeydeco garden flag stand holders

Use the included spring stoppers and tiger clips to save your flag and the pole from harsh winds and storms. The poles themselves are made with high-quality metal that is rust proof, and they can be easily broken down into three parts for simple storage.

$11 at Amazon
Yeahome Pole

Wind Resistant: Yeahome Premium Yard flag holder stand

Holds standard size and smallsize flags perfectly and comes with rubber stoppers and clips with adjustable Velcro. Your flags won't blow awayand you won't have to worry. Great for everything from a patriotic American flag to event flags like birthdays or holidays.

$10 at Amazon

Display with Pride

There seems to be two prevailing schools of thought when it comes to flag pole holders. If you want to ensure your flag is secure and fully on display, get a holder like this one from Houson. The pole itself is durable and sturdy, and the way it holds the flag ensures anyone passing by will see it while also keeping it from being blown away. These flag pole holders are particularly great for event flags like birthdays or holidays like Halloween.

However, if you want your flag flying in the wind a bit more get one of the telescopic flag poles like Grace Alley's 6-foot flag pole that can be attached pretty much anywhere. The pole is high quality and won't rust or get blown over. Plus, it is especially designed to be tangle free.

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