Best garden gloves Thrifter 2022

Gardening can be rough on the hands. You've got to dig in the dirt, pull up weeds, plant new seeds, and more. There's a lot to be done, and you don't want to ruin your gorgeous hands in the process! Plus, gardening isn't a one-time thing. You're going to be out there a lot, for hours at a time. Grab a pair of gloves you know are going to last, can handle the extra work, and even some that will protect you in specific situations like when you're playing with roses or doing an extra amount of digging. These are the best garden gloves.

Garden Gloves Green

Best Value: Garden Gloves super grippy texture for men & women

Top Pick

Breakthrough coating helps keep the texture extra grippy. Made with material that makes them extra strong and versatile and includes a fabric that's breathable and reduces heat buildup. Get two pairs with each pack.

$11 at Amazon
Bamboo Gloves

Touchscreen Friendly: Pine Tree Tools bamboo working gloves for women and men

Actually made with bamboo, which absorbs perspiration and keeps the gloves breathable. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The gloves are even touchscreen-friendly so you don't have to remove them to use your phone.

$14 at Amazon
Dowelife Gloves

Cut Resistant: Dowelife cut-resistant working gloves for menand women

Comes in four different sizes so you can find the perfect fit. Uses a cut-resistant fabric that's 10x stronger than regular gloves. Makes these gloves great for gardening, yard work, construction, and more. The coated PU palm and fingers have an excellent grip even in wet conditions.

$10 at Amazon
Digging Gloves With Claws

For Digging: AirMarch latex garden gloves with claws

When you need to dig holes to plant seeds or dig up weeds, you need gloves with some claws. These are latex gloves designed specifically to help with digging. Wear the tool instead of holding it. Loosen the soil around your veggies or aerate the soil in flower pots. They are designed to be breathable and water-resistant.

$4 on Amazon
Rose Pruning Gloves

Rose Pruning: Handlandy long thorn-proof gardening gloves for men and women

Made with pigskin leather that's both protective and comfortable. The porous texture is breathable and dries soft when it gets wet. These gloves' ability to resist punctures and wear and tear means they will last for a long time. They are long enough that they should extend to your elbow, fully protecting your arm from scratches while working with thorny plants like roses.

$17 at Amazon
Breathable Leather Gloves

All Purpose Gloves: Handlandy leather gardening and utility work gloves

Made with durable cowhide leather which makes these gloves great for any sort of hard work, including gardening or automotive work, or other uses. It's a seamless single piece of leather, which makes it super flexible, breathable, and durable. Includes a safety cuff so you can protect your wrists while you work.

$13 at Amazon

Not-So-Green Thumb

You might have a passion for gardening, but that doesn't mean you should get it all over your skin. Protect yourself with some durable, long-lasting gloves like Pine Tree Tools' bamboo gloves. They are interesting because the bamboo texture allows for great breathability and durability at the same time. They're even touchscreen-friendly so you don't have to take your gloves off to answer a phone call or dismiss a notification. If you plan on doing much more than gardening, like working on your car or building something new for the backyard, grab some all purpose gloves that can transition from project to project.

If your plan is to do a lot of digging because you're planting seeds or removing some weeds, grab these gloves with built on claws. Not only will you feel like a comic book character, you'll make all that digging go so much faster. You won't need a separate tool or anything like that either, so you really save even more time and money that way.

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