Best garden kneeler Thrifter 2022

Tending to your garden becomes much easier with the right tools. Whether you're pulling weeds, planting flowers, or finishing up some other task in the dirt, having a garden kneeler around can make the job less of a pain. These compact benches are built to be used in two different ways — sit on them or flip them over and kneel comfortably. The attached bars make it easy to lower yourself down or get back up off the ground once everything is all planted and smoothed over. Plus, they can be easily folded and stored away without taking up much space.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler

Best garden kneeler: Ohuhu Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat

Staff Pick

Sit or kneel on this upgraded garden kneeler by Ohuhu. It features an ultra-soft cushion to help reduce pressure on your joints while you're tending to your garden or lawn. Plus, it's weather-proof and can hold up to 330 pounds. It even folds up to be easily stored away and comes with two detachable tool bags.

$50 at Amazon
Luckyermore Garden Kneeler

In the weeds: Luckyermore Garden Kneeler and Seat

Stand this garden kneeler upright to use it as a seat, or flip it over to kneel comfortably. It's easy to fold up and features soft EVA foam padding attached to a solid steel frame. It also includes a removeable tool pouch so you can keep a few handheld tools close by.

$37 at Amazon
Xcsource Garden Kneeler

Rest while you work: Xcsource Garden Kneeler and Seat

With its 8-inch wide cushioning, this garden kneeler gives you plenty of room to rest while you work outdoors. It supports up to 300 pounds and has rubber on its feet to protect anything underneath. Two tool storage pouches are included too that you can keep attached or remove as needed.

$43 at Amazon
Garden Kneeler Abco Tech

On the move: Abco Tech Garden Kneeler And Seat

Protect your back and your knees while kneeling down with this Abco Tech garden kneeler. It doubles as a seat when flipped over and can easily be folded flat to store it compactly. Since it's so lightweight, you won't have any trouble carrying it around your yard either.

$40 at Amazon
Tomcare Garden Kneeler

Double duty: TomCare Upgraded Garden Kneeler Seat

TomCare's multi-functional garden kneeler can be used as a seat or a place to kneel down. It's made of solid steel, strong enough to support up to 330 pounds, yet it's lightweight and easy to carry around. It also comes with two removeable tool pouches.

$42 at Amazon
Red Home Club Pro Pad

No time to sit: RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

For a more affordable option, you can forego the seat functionality and grab this thick kneeling pad instead. It comes in several different colors and is made of durable, high density foam that will last for years.

$16 at Amazon

Which to choose?

Most garden kneelers seem rather similar, but there are several features that scored the products above a spot on this list. The best garden kneelers are extremely sturdy with the ability to support at least 300 pounds safely. Some models come with removeable tool pouches that let you store your weeder or shovel and other tools nearby.

The Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat took the top spot on our list as it includes all the necessary features you'll want from a garden kneeler. It supports up to 330 pounds and is totally weather-proof so you won't have to worry about bringing it back inside all the time. It's easy to fold up and move around, and it even comes with two detachable tool pouches. Another excellent pick is the XCSource Garden Kneeler. It has a widened foam pad to give you more room to kneel down, along with rubber feet that will protect whatever it's sitting on.

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