If you're the sort of person that takes pride in their lawn and garden plants, you probably also want to decorate your garden to add that personal touch. With so many garden statue options, it can be hard to choose the right one. We've rounded up our favorite options here to help you decide.

Garden Age Supply Rock Sculpture

Zen: Garden Age Supply Stone Cairn Sculpture

We've all seen these fancy stone sculptures before, but getting the right stones to make one and getting the balance right is super difficult — so don't! This pre-made cairn sculpture features handpicked stones from the shores of Java Island, Indonesia, with a steel rod to keep them together so you simply need to decide where it goes in your garden.

$22 at Amazon
Design Toscano Pagoda

Oritental garden: Design Toscano Pagoda Lantern Statue

If you're going for a zen style in your garden, this mini pagoda is a great addition. It is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable resin in a two-tone design. The roof lifts off so you can access the cavity to place a battery-powered electric LED tea light for added ambiance.

$93 at Amazon
Toysdone Gnome

Drinks o'clock: Toysdone 5:00 Somewhere Tropical Party Gnome

If you like to entertain from the garden or just crack open a cold one at the end of the day, this party gnome is a perfect addition. It's brightly colored and comes complete with surfboard and tropical drink for a beach vibe — perfect for placing near the pool.

$25 at Amazon
Statements2000 Statue

Garden art: Statements2000 'Copper Wisp' Freestanding Metal Garden Sculpture

If you want to add a touch of modernity to your garden, this freestanding sculpture will do the trick. It's a large piece at 48 inches in height and includes a 12-inch base. It's handcrafted and built to last with aircraft-grade aluminum and a protective UV coating. It looks stunning, especially when reflecting sunlight or under direct lightning.

$325 at Amazon
Design Toscano Yeti

Bigfoot: Design Toscano Yeti Garden Statue

Imagine looking out across your lawn and seeing Bigfoot. With this garden statue, you don't have to imagine! This sasquatch statue is hand-cast using crushed stone bonded with durable resin so it can endure the elements. It's available in brown or white as well as small, medium, or life-size options depending on how realistic you want it to look in your garden.

$78 at Amazon
Team Sports Alamaba Statue

Go team!: Team Sports America Colorful Mascot Statue

Show your team colors in your yard with this mini mascot statue with designs representing a bunch of different teams across many different sports and leagues. Each is made of polystone and hand-painted in your team's colors designed to show your team pride wherever you place it.

$26 at Amazon

A personal touch

What you think of as the best garden statue will 100% be based on your personal taste and style, as well as what vibe you're going for in your outdoor space. The Stone Cairn Sculpture from Garden Age Supply will suit most spaces and add a touch of class, or you could go for a novelty item like the Toysdone Party Gnome or Yeti statue.

Whatever your design sensibility or budget, there are a ton of great garden statue options available. Which will you go for?

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