Best Grass Shears Thrifter 2021

Grass is great, but it's never perfect. If you want to get your lawn looking clean and prestine then you're going to have to do it yourself, and you're going to need a good pair of grass shears. Whether you're edging the grass by trimming the sides where it's growing over your sidewalk or flower bed or topping it by getting each blade to the exact same height, there are tools for every lawn expert. We've got manual shears, battery-powered versions, and extended tools all right here with a roundup of the best grass shears available on Amazon:

Corona Grass Sheers

Best Value: Corona swivel grass shears

Top Pick

Has a versatile three-position blade that works great for edging, trimming, or hard to reach areas. Has high-carbon steel blades with durable chrome plating. There's a thumb lock that's easy to use as well.

$19 at Amazon
Berger Shears

Best for Edging: Berger grass shears with anti-stick coating

These are full metal grass shears perfect for edging with an anti-stick coated blade so they're good along fences or walls. Work for right or left handers.

$33 on Amazon
Makita Battery Powered Shears

Best Battery Powered: Makita XMU04Z cordless grass shear

Delivers 2,500 SPM for efficient cutting. Can last up to 200 minutes with a 5.0Ah battery (which you can get here if you don't already have a Makita battery). Has a 6 and 5/16 inch cutting width with three adjustable heights for cutting.

$95 at Amazon
Wevove Shears

Best Variety Kit: Wevove 3-pack garden pruning shears with gloves

The three different blades allow you to finish a variety of general pruning tasks including trimming flowers, herbs, house plants, and more. The kit comes with gloves that both protect your hands and provide an anti-slip grip to ensure you have even more control over the tools. Each tool has a locking mechanism to keep the blades secure when not in use.

$19 at Amazon
Gonicc Hedge Trimmers

Best for Hedges: Gonicc professional adjustable hedge and grass shears

Can extend up to 46 inches and is made with aluminum alloy and rubber. The high-carbon steel blades are high quality and will last a long time. They stay sharper than ordinary blades and reduce resistance better while trimming and shaping.

$60 at Amazon
Sun Joe Extended Pole Shear

Best Extended Battery Trimmer: Sun Joe cordless 2-in-1 grass sheer with extension pole

The 2-in-1 design allows this device to quickly convert from a hedge trimmer to grass shears quickly and easily. The extension pole adds another three feet, which helps you get as low as possible without pending over or hurting your back. The battery will last you long enough to do the job, and it's rechargeable and comes with a charger so you can get it ready to go again quickly.

$53 at Amazon

Sheer Perfection

Every blade of grass should be just right. Every pathway should free and clear with a perfect tiny wall of grass lining each edge. If you got down on your knees and put your eyes level with the top of the lawn, every blade would be the exact same height. No blade higher than the other. It's a dream, but it's a dream that can become reality with the right dedication and the right pair of grass shears. Whether you want to do it manually and get it precisely right with a manual option like the Fiskars Swivel-blade soft touch grass shears or you need a battery-powered option for a much larger job like the Makita cordless grass shears, grab the right tool to get the job done.

You might also need an extended handle. Whether that's because you're like me and can't spend all day with a bent back or you've got blades you need to trim in hard-to-reach spots like under shrubbery and around corners, grab a device like the Sun Joe cordless grass shear. Not only is it battery-powered for faster work of larger jobs, but it also uses an extended handle. Plus it can switch between edging grass and trimming hedges.

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