Best Headphone Stands Thrifter 2022

Desks get messy really quickly, so the last thing you want to do is lay down your bulky headphones and add to the pile. Instead, why not add a functional and stylish headphone stand? That way you can keep your desk free of clutter, keep your headphones within easy reach, and maybe even add a bit of style to your setup. Here are the best options.

New Bee Headphone Stand White

Best overall: New Bee Headphone Stand

For most people, simply getting your headphones off your desk and on a stand is all that matters. This affordable stand is no-frills but does just that with a minimalist design. It is made of aluminum and has a TPU rubber base to prevent the stand moving around.

$10 at Amazon
Elevation Lab Anchor Pro

Under-desk: Elevation Lab The Anchor Pro

Rather than storing your headphones on a stand on top of your desk, you could keep them within reach but out of sight beneath your desk with The Anchor Pro. It holds securely with 3M adhesive and can hold two sets of headphones and the built-in cord management keeps headphone cables away from your legs.

$16 at Amazon
Samdi Wood Headphone Stand

Fancy display: SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand

If you want to show off your audiophile-grade headphones, you can't beat this SAMDI stand. It has a curved omega shape that gives your headphones a stylish place to rest and the material will work with most decor styles. Various wood and leather finishes are available.

$29 at Amazon
Brainwavz Hooka

Vertical mount: Brainwavs Hooka

The Hooka is a headphone hanger for vertical surface, great for making the most of smaller offices with limited space where you can utilize a nearby wall. It uses strong 3M adhesive to attach and can hold all manner of headphones without losing its shape. Its wide seat allows for headphones with large headbands to fit easily.

$13 at Amazon
Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand

Minimal design: Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand

Bluelounge's Posto offers a minimal look for your desk setup with its silver aluminum and white rubber construction. It also has a small footprint so doesn't take up a bunch of space on your desk. The rubber headrest conforms to the shape of your headphones so it can support a variety of models.

$15 at Amazon
Corsair St100 Headphone Stand

Light up: Corsair ST100 RGB Headset Stand

Your gaming setup is not complete until you have an RGB headphone stand to match your other RGB peripherals. That's exactly what Corsair's ST100 offers. It's more than just a light-up stand, though, as it has a built-in DAC and 3.5mm output for 7.1 surround sound. It also has two easy-access USB 3.1 ports for your data transfer and charging needs.

$73 at Amazon

Stand out

A headphone stand is a handy purchase whether you want to tidy up you desk or keep your fancy headphones on display or within arm's reach. We picked the New Bee Headphone Stand as our top overall choice thanks to its simplicity, minimal design, support for a variety of headphones, and affordability.

Of course, there are fancier options like the stylish SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand that works well to display your headphones or the Corsair ST100 that adds a bunch more functionality to your headphone stand on your desk. Both are great options to suit different needs.

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