Whether you're looking to complete some tasks around the house or kick off a new do it yourself hobby, there are lots of tools and supplies that you'll need. From drills to sawhorses, drill bits to at home tech repair kits, there are tons of Prime Day deals that will help expand your collection.

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How to get the Best Deals for Home Improvement

We consider Amazon one of the best places for good prices on home improvement gear, but that's only when the gear is unspecified. If you're looking for something specific at any given time, check out Home Depot's Savings Center, which often has Special Buys and huge site-wide sales that will cover specific tool sets. If you don't mind refurbs, you should check out eBay. Dyson's official eBay storefront regularly has some of Dyson's best vacuums at super low prices because they are refurbished.

As for Prime Day, the best deals will be all about the brands you're looking at. Anker has some powerful tools that'll be sure to go on sale, like the Roav Pressure Washers. Check out Sun Joe, Tacklife, and other popular names like DeWalt or Bosch.

Better Together: Power Tools

The best deals on power tools almost always come in bundles, combos, and packages that include extra bit sets, batteries, chargers, carrying cases, and more. Look for setups like that if you want to save. These are also great gifts for others and great ways to get your toolbox started off on the right foot. The nice thing about getting a power tool with a battery and a charger is usually that battery can be used for any power tools in that ecosystem. Bosch batteries work with Bosch tools, Milwaukee batteries work with Milwaukee tools, etc.

Here's a great example: the Bosch two-tool Drill/Driver and Impact Driver combo kit was on sale for as low as $82 recently. Despite having sold as high as $170 in the past, it's currently at $99. It's also a great tool kit that comes with two batteries and a carrying case. We expect it will drop again on Prime Day.

Needs Batteries

Power Tools

You'll want to keep an eye out for combos that include batteries, chargers, cases, and more when you're looking for deals on power tools. It's especially important to find tools in the ecosystem of tools you already own so you can hot swap batteries. This kit went on sale very recently and probably will again for Prime Day.

Because its Fun: Pressure Washers

There is so much more to pressure washers than just having fun. You'll be amazed at the dirt and grime you can clean off just about every outside part of your house. Use pressure washers on your driveway, your porch or deck, your house's siding. Plus, spraying highly pressurized water from a hose just feels like you're at a shooting range or something. I don't know why it's such an enjoyable experience, but it is.

We've seen a lot of pressure washers go on sale recently, too, as the power tools have improved and the prices have gotten lower. Sun Joe has several versions of its electric pressure washer. They are all very affordable and regularly drop in price. Anker's Roav HydroClean pressure washers are equally nice on price. Sometimes these require coupon codes to save money, but on Prime Day it's more likely you'll just see direct deals. Other brands with popular machines include Stanley, Greenworks, and Generac.

Spray and Pray

Pressure Washers

Sun Joe makes super affordable pressure washers that don't need gas and are good for the environment. This isn't the only popular brand we expect to see on sale during Prime Day, but it is a good one.

Essential Cleaning: Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners are going to be huge on Prime Day. Partially because vacuums are already a huge category but also because as far as cleaning tools go, vacuums and robot vacuums are very popular. A really good vacuum can make your life a whole lot cleaner and a whole lot easier. With robot vacuums, you can keep them on a schedule that basically eliminates the need for you to do the manual labor of cleaning.

If you want a regular vacuum cleaner, Dyson is at the top of the market. We see a lot of Dyson deals on older models, and believe me when I say even the older models are pretty awesome. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal will probably drop to $400 on Prime Day. The V7 Motorhead is sitting around $230 now and could easily drop below $200 on the big day. We also regularly see Dyson vacuums go on sale refurbished, which is another path for you to pursue if a Dyson is what you want.

Other popular vacuum cleaner brands we expect to see go on sale during Prime Day include Shark, Bissell, and Tineco. That last one, Tineco, has been pushing sales really hard recently. We've seen several models drop drastically in price.

Get Rid of the Dirt


Everyone wants a Dyson, but no one wants to pay for one. The key to finding an awesome Dyson vacuum is two-fold: look for previous generations like this V7 Motorhead that regularly drops in price or look at refurbished vacuums, which also make great deals.

Set it and forget it: Robot Vacuums

As for robot vacuums, there are dozens of models that regularly go on sale. Dozens of brands. We see deals from iRobot, Eufy, Neato, and more. If price is your primary concern, look for budget options from Ecovacs, Roborock, bObsweep, and others.

If you haven't figured it out just from this list, the Roomba is no longer the only robot vacuum worth paying attention to. Don't get me wrong, machines like the new Roomba i7+ are pretty awesome. It can even empty its own dustbin, basically eliminating the need for you do anything once its schedule is set. But it's also very expensive, and you can get 90% of its features for a much nicer price.

Let something else do it

Robot Vacuums

The Roomba i7+ is basically the pinnacle of what robot vacuums are capable of these days. It did recently drop to $950, so maybe we'll see that again on Prime Day. However, you might want to look at some of the budget options if you're really scrounging for a deal.

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