Best Hose Extenders Thrifter 2022

Whether your garden faucet is in an awkward spot or you just want to add a little extra length to your current hose, there's an extender for you. From simple brass pipe connectors to hose bib extender and even kink-protecting adapters, we've got you covered with this list of the best options available.

Flexzilla Lead In Hose

Best overall: Flexzilla Lead-In Short Garden Hose

Staff Pick

Flexzilla offers a bunch of short hose lengths made out of a hybrid polymer material that allows the hose to stay kink-free. It's also abrasion-resistant and the hoses feature crush-resistant anodized aluminum fittings. The short lengths are perfect for awkward faucet locations or the avoidance of unnecessary bends.

$11 at Amazon
Aqua Joe Hose Bib Extender

Move your faucet: Aqua Joe Hose Bib Extender

Instead of dragging your hose all the way across your lawn, why not move the faucet to a better location? The 42.5-inch tall Aqua Joe outside spigot extender works as a perfect outlet for your lawn, garden, or yard hose because it puts your outside hose exactly where you need it. It also stores up to 125 feet of standard garden hose.

$35 at Amazon
Twinkle Star

No kinks: Twinkle Star Garden Hose Kink Protector

Fed up of your hose kinking at the faucet? Add one of these kink protectors between your hose and the faucet and its coil spring design will help resist damage while you go about your watering. It's suitable for any standard garden hose and won't leak or affect the water pressure.

$13 at Amazon

Easy access: Gilmour Faucet Extension and Flow Control

This Gilmour extender is a simple way to move your faucet from a hard-to-reach area for easier access. This set includes a 6-foot hose and faucet extension stake with flow control. Simply screw on the hose at the faucet and put the stake in a better spot like in front of your hedge.

$23 at Amazon
Swan Products

Female-to-female: Swan Produtcs Leader Hose with Female Connections

This leader hose makes it easy to get water supply from your faucet to your hose reel. It's six feet long, made of a nylon-reinforced PVC material, and includes anodized aluminum female couplings. It can also be bought with male/female connections if you need those.

$10 at Amazon

Male-to-male: Nelson Industrial Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting

The Nelson double male pipe and hose fitting is designed to make connecting two female garden hose ends possible so you can have an extra-long hose. It's a super simple solution if you already have the hose lengths.

$5 at Amazon

Water you waiting for?

Your exact garden setup and needs will dictate which hose extender is right for you, though the Flexzilla Short Garden Hose will serve most people well. It's got a heavy-duty build, comes in various lengths, and can protect your hose from kinks, all without breaking the bank.

If you're wanting to add an extension in order to make your faucet easier to access, then the Aqua Joe Hose Bib Extender is a great choice as it allows you to move the faucet to somewhere way more convenient and control the flow at the new source. That way you can avoid dragging your hoe across the lawn and damaging your meticulously cared for garden.

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