Best hose splitters Thrifter 2022

Working efficiently is the key to finishing your to-do list in a timely manner, and when it comes to yardwork, a hose splitter can be an indispensable tool to help cut down on the time spent watering or completing other tasks outdoors. Maybe you have multiple sprinklers you'd like to use simultaneously, or maybe you'd like to water plants while another member of your family washes the car. With a hose splitter, it all becomes possible within seconds.

Homitt Garden Hose Splitter

Best in brass: Homitt Garden Hose Splitter

Staff Pick

This is the latest model of Homitt's garden hose splitter, recently redesigned for a strengthened top connector and longer valve handles. Its nickel plating and brass construction help prevent corrosion and oxidation.

$19 at Amazon
Morvat Hose Splitter

Lasts for longer: Morvat Heavy-Duty Brass Hose Splitter

Turn one faucet into two with Morvat's heavy-duty brass hose splitter. It's fitted with high-quality ball valves to help prevent leaks and drips. Plus, its adjustable flow control lets you regulate the water pressure as you're using your hose.

$16 at Amazon
Ipow Solid Brass Splitter

Easy grip: Ipow Solid Brass Garden Hose Splitter

Designed to fit all standard faucets and garden hoses, this brass splitter is covered with thermoplastic rubber to make it easy to grip and install or remove. It's also built with easy-to-turn valves so you can control the flow to each of the connected hoses.

$13 at Amazon
Gilmour Hose Splitter

Hot stuff: Gilmour 2-Way Brass Connector

Gilmour's 2-way connector features extra-large valve handles, an easy-on swivel connector, and heavy-duty brass construction to ensure it can weather any storm. It's capable of withstanding hot water as well.

$13 at Amazon
Kasian House Brass Hose Splitter

By hand: Kasian House 2-Way Solid Brass Garden Hose Connector

The Kasian House brass hose connector promises a solid seal with no leaks and easy-to-turn valve handles that won't require a pair of pliers to loosen or tighten up. There's even a comfort grip to make setting it up easy enough to accomplish with just your hands.

$10 at Amazon
Atdawn Brass Hose Splitter

More ways to water: Atdawn 4-Way Brass Hose Splitter

Need to connect more hoses? Atdawn's Brass Hose Splitter has four integrated faucets with shut-off valves that you can individually control as needed. However, it's only suitable for use with cold water.

$17 at Amazon

Which to choose?

Most hose splitters are pretty similar, though there are a few improvements that most of the best models seem to have implemented. For instance, comfort grip connectors make installing or removing your new splitter from your hose faucet much easier — and you don't need tools helping out either. Taking a look at the valve handles is important as well, considering you don't want to end up with valves so tiny that they're difficult to adjust.

The Homitt Garden Hose Splitter is one of our favorite models as it's recently been improved upon with a strengthened top connector to make the splitter even sturdier than before. The valve handles are a bit longer on this model as well, and with its nickel-plating and brass construction, it's able to withstand years of varying weather conditions without corroding or oxidizing. And best of all, it's built to connect with all standard 3/4-inch faucets and hoses. Then again, if you're in need of a splitter that allows for more than two connected hoses, the Atdawn 4-way brass hose splitter is another great option. Plus it's equipped with an easy-grip connector and valve handles to make adjustments less of a pain.

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