Best Hose Timers Thrifter 2020

Plants need water. Surprising information I'm sure. But providing that water can be a chore if you have a large garden or a lot of space to cover with a hose. If you're starting to realize just how much effort it takes to water your gardens every day or every other day or however frequently you want to do it, then you should look into getting a hose timer. These make the gardening life an easy one. Not only that, but with built-in features like rain delays and programmable frequencies, you can save water over the long run. Saving water means saving money even after the initial investment here.

Best Smart Timer: Orbit B-hyve Bluetooth hose faucet timer

Top Pick

This one works with Android, iOS, and other devices and has a Bluetooth range up to 150 feet. Gives you control from anywhere. Even has smart watering to deliver the right amount of watering. The flow meter tracks water usage and makes this ideal for everything from gardens to greenhouses.

$45 at Amazon

Best Digital Timer: Instapark PWT-07 digital programmable single outlet hose timer

This is a single-station digital programmable timer. Attaches to any garden outdoor hose with standard thread. It is weather resistant with a dust cover and IP66 rating so you can keep it outside.

$30 at Amazon

Best Weather Resistance: Orbit single-outlet hose timer

Will delay during the rain to conserve water. Has a run time up to 240 minutes. Program intervals every six hours up to every seven days. Built to survive the outdoors.

$29 at Amazon

Best Analog: Raindrip R675CT 3-dial water timer

Everything you need to program is done using the Raindrip's three dials. It also has a low battery indicator and a fail safe that switches to off when the battery is low.

$26 at Amazon

Best for Solar Power: Tacklife solar-powered watering timer

Can run for up to a year thanks to the solar panel, and it can go for 720 minutes of continuous operation. Saves money and doesn't rely on conventional batteries. Switch between manual and automatic, which includes a rain delay system.

$32 at Amazon

Best on a Budget: Gilmour single-outlet electronic water timer

Has a programmable start time. You can adjust the frequency and duration (up to 360 minutes). Easy to set up. Only requires 2 AA batteries.

$19 Amazon

Water smarter, not harder

The #1 reason to get a hose timer, assuming you use a hose regularly, is that it helps automate things for you so that you don't forget to water the grass or garden. You can set it to water when you want, and it does the rest for you.

Something to consider is that many of these timers come with different features. For example, the Tacklife hose timer has a solar panel on the top. Since many of the timers are battery powered, having the solar panel is a big deal. You won't have to worry about replacing the batteries, but you may need to pay attention to placement so it doesn't get blocked by shadows.

For the most features altogether, you'll want to get a smart timer like the Orbit B-hyve. Orbit is a known brand name in the hose timer retail space. It has a wide variety of options from budget versions to all-out feature-rich timers. The B-hyve is in the middle of the lineup, but it definitely has some of the most advanced features including the ability to be programmed from your smartphone.

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