Best Hose Winders Thrifter 2020

Don't let your garden hose sit in some huge, tangled heap on the side of your home. There are plenty of great products out there to keep it tidy and ready for use. A garden hose reel doesn't just make it easier to use your hose but also to put it back, as some models can even retract automatically to save you the hassle of rolling it back up on your own. From mountable reels to mobile options and more, we've uncovered the best products to help keep your hose in order.

Best mountable hose reel: Liberty Garden Multi-Purpose Steel Garden Wall/Floor Mount Hose Reel

Staff Pick

Liberty Garden's Steel Hose Reel is one of the most durable picks around. You'll need to add your own hose to this model, but luckily it's capable of holding up to 200 feet. Plus, it can be mounted on the wall, onto the floor, or anchored in your lawn.

$90 at Amazon

Reel it in: Giraffe Metal Hose Reel and Durable Hideaway Cabinet

Keep your garden hose safe from the elements with the Giraffe Durable Hideaway Hose Cabinet. It's able to hold up to 200 feet of 1/2-inch hose and uses an aluminum double seal water system to ensure it doesn't leak or rust. It built so that it won't freeze, crack, or corrode either.

$170 at Amazon

Use it or lose it: Iris 98-foot Hose Reel with Nozzle

Need a portable reel for your hose? The Iris Hose Reel is designed with a handle to make it easier to lug around. It comes with nearly 100 feet of hose, though the hose is replaceable if you wish to use your own.

$63 at Amazon

Lock it down: Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Giraffe's Garden Hose Reel is designed to be mounted onto your wall and features an integrated hose made of PVC that measures 60 feet long. Its attached sprayer has nine adjustable settings, and the hose can even be locked to a length of your choosing.

$93 at Amazon

Safe from the elements: Ames NeverLeak Cold-Weather Resistant Cabinet

Hide your garden hose away in the Ames NeverLeak Cold-Weather Resistant Cabinet. It's both durable and heavy enough to stay on your deck or patio when you're using the hose. It even features an Auto-Track system which quickly distributes the hose evenly when you're winding it back up.

$139 at Amazon

Best retractable reel: Gardena 50-feet Retractable Hose Reel

Gardena's retractable hose reel can pull back your hose and wind it up with just a short pull. A hose guide bracket is included to help mount the reel onto your wall or in a corner.

$177 at Amazon

Reeling it in...

The first thing you should consider when choosing your garden hose reel is how long of a hose you actually need. Some options can hold more than others, such as the Ames NeverLeak Cold-Weather Resistant Cabinet. It supports up to 150 feet of hose without any issues, though you will need to add your own hose to get it set up. Other options in our guide above include a hose with the purchase, so that's something to keep in mind as well.

The industrial grade Liberty Garden Multi-Purpose Steel Mount Hose Reel made it to the #1 spot on our list for a few different reasons, including its versatility. You can mount it on the floor or mount it to your wall. Plus, it's capable of holding up to 200 feet of 5/8-inch hose though you will need to add the hose yourself as you won't receive one with this reel's purchase.

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