Best hummingbird food Thrifter 2022

When it comes to attracting hummingbirds to your yard, it's very important to be thoughtful about the food you're feeding them. Despite rumors to the contrary, hummingbirds don't need their food to be colored to find it, and in fact, colorings, dyes, and similar additives can be quite harmful to their health. Simply having a colored bird feeder will help birds spot where their next meal is located. If you're hoping to bring more hummingbirds out to watch and also give them something nutritious and energizing to snack on, the products on this list won't steer you wrong.

Sapphire Labs Hummingbird Nectar

Best hummingbird food: Sapphire Labs Naturally Fresh Hummingbird Nectar Powder

This bag of hummingbird nectar powder from Sapphire Labs can make 96 ounces of clear nectar that stays fresh for up to 2 weeks in feeders! It uses an added micronutrient to prevent it from spoiling. Plus, there are zero artificial ingredients and no dyes that would be bad for the birds around your home.

$14 at Amazon
Kaytee Hummingbird Electronectar

Best ready-to-use food: Kaytee Ready to Use Hummingbird ElectroNectar

Kaytee's naturally clear hummingbird nectar formula helps to nourish and hydrate the hummingbirds in your area. This 64-ounce bottle is ready to use immediately; you should not add any sugar or water to it as it already has the proper electrolytes it needs. You'll just want to be sure to shake well before use and refrigerate it after opening.

$10 at Amazon
Happy Belly Granulated Cane Sugar

Best DIY solution: Happy Belly Granulated White Cane Sugar

Another popular method is mixing sugar and water on your own to make hummingbird nectar (4 parts water to one part sugar). However, you can't just use any type of sugar when doing this. Cane sugar is preferable, and it needs to be granulated instead of organic, raw, or brown sugar. That makes this sugar from Happy Belly a perfect fit.

$2 at Amazon
Perky Pet Hummingbird Instant Nectar Concentrate

Big supply: Perky-Pet Bag of Instant Clear Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar Powder

Mix this hummingbird nectar powder with water to quickly have hummingbird food whenever you need to resupply; no boiling necessary. Perky-Pet sells this 2-pound bag which makes up to 192 ounces of nectar and uses a 100% sucrose formula that is easy for birds to digest.

$11 at Amazon
Pennington Ultra Electronectar

Simply effective: Pennington ElectroNectar Ready to Use Hummingbird Nectar

Pennington designed this 64-ounce bottle of ElectroNectar to be ready to use right out of the bottle with no mixing required. Just like flower nectar, this hummingbird nectar is naturally clear and contains no red dye or other artificial colors. It's just water, sugar, and added electrolytes to help keep hummingbirds hydrated and healthy.

$13 at Amazon
Hummers Galore Hummingbird Food

Single servings: Hummers Galore All-Natural Hummingbird Nectar

The all-natural hummingbird nectar by Hummer's Galore comes in small packets so you can make nectar in small batches. It's a specially formulated nectar that contains no preservatives or artificial colors and just needs to be mixed with water. Together the four included packets can make 64 ounces of nectar.

$17 at Amazon
Best 1 Wildlife Hummingbird Nectar

The art of attraction: Best-1 Hummingbird Nectar Powder

Best-1's Hummingbird Nectar Powder is perfect for attracting hummingbirds to your yard. It's 100% all-natural and uses no dyes or colorings. With this 14-ounce bottle, you can make up to 56 ounces of nectar.

$9 at Amazon

Which to peck?

There are a few key factors that go into choosing hummingbird food to ensure you don't negatively impact the birds that come to visit your yard. All of the options on our list meet the requirements you should be looking for in any hummingbird food you buy, including no colorings or red dyes and no artificial ingredients or additives. If you decide to buy sugar and mix it with water yourself, it's important to buy plain, granulated cane sugar rather than organic, raw, or brown sugar. The Happy Belly Sugar is the perfect type of sugar you'd want if you're making the food yourself. Meanwhile, "ready-to-use" picks like the Kaytee Ready To Use Hummingbird ElectroNectar is perfect if you want something you can pour straight into your feeder.

The Sapphire Labs Fresh Hummingbird Nectar Powder reached the #1 spot on our list thanks to its all-natural blend that's completely safe for hummingbirds. It uses zero artificial ingredients and has an added micronutrient that helps keep it fresh while in your hummingbird feeder for longer. It even comes with a resealable bag so you can store the dry powder indefinitely without worrying about it going bad.

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