Best Hydration Packs Thrifter 2022

Cycling, walking, and hiking can be pretty strenuous activities, especially in hot weather, but carrying along a water canister isn't always ideal. That's why you need to invest in a quality hydration pack so you can take some fluids along with you without the awkward bulk of a bottle or the need to have one of your hands occupied. Here are our favourite options.

Camelbak Hydrobak

Best overall: CamelBak Hydrobak Light

Staff Pick

For most activities, adding extra bulk isn't what you want when it comes to your hydration pack. The CamelBak Hydrobak makes it easy to tote around up to 2L of water on your back while maintaining an aerodynamic shape so that you're not slowing your running or cycling down. It's got a ventilated harness and secured zipper pockets for your phone, keys, or other essentials.

$52 at Amazon
Skl Hydration Pack

Budget pick: SKL Hydration Pack

Those looking for something basic that allows you to bring along some liquids with minimal fuss and expense should check out this SKL option. While it may not be as aerodynamic as others, it has a 2L drink capacity with neat extras like an insulated pocket, breathable material, chest strap, and even a pocket to hold your helmet when not in use.

$27 at Amazon
Osprey Seral 7

Hipbelt design: Osprey Seral 7

If you prefer to keep your hydration pack and other valuable items at hip height, then the Osprey Seral 7 is for you. It has a 1.5L lumbar reservoir making it easy to carry plenty of liquid with minimal weight. Compression straps pull the pack into your lower back and wrap around your hips so it won't jiggle around as you navigate rocky terrain.

$90 at Amazon
Camelbak Chase

Handy pockets: CamelBak Chase

As well as letting you carry 2.5L of water, the CamelBak Chase also has a bunch of handy pockets on the harness that give you easy access to essentials like your phone, energy gels, and other essentials. It's also got a large stretch pocket for overflow storage and dual sternum straps keep everything steady.

$136 at Amazon
Osprey Kitsuma

Slim profile: Osprey Kitsuma

This hydration pack has a women's specific fit and sizing and a 1.5L capacity. It has a low-profile design with a mesh harness for exceptional airflow. A secure zipper pocket offers a scratch-free storage spot for your phone or sunglasses and the magnetic sternum strap bite valve makes it easy to take a sip whenever you need.

$55 at Amazon
Marchway Hydration Pack

Huge capacity: Marchway Tactical Hydration Backpack

Does a large capacity trump portability for your needs? This 3L hydration backpack is the right choice if so. As well as having a large reservoir for drinks, it also has plenty of pocket space for other hiking essentials like tools, power banks, snacks, and more. Military-grade webbing and sturdy zippers give you confidence it will last a long time, too.

$39 at Amazon

Sip sip hooray

For most people, carrying some fluids while working out or camping means finding a hydration pack that adds the least bulk and the most convenience. That's why we listed the CamelBak Hydrobak as our top pick as it combines a sizeable 2L reservoir with a low-profile design that makes it a great choice for runners, cyclists, and hikers alike. It's also not super expensive compared to others on the market.

You can, of course, choose hydration packs that are even more compact like lumbar-mounted Osprey Seral 7 if portability is the highest priority. On the other end, you can get super capacious models like the Marchway Tactical Hydration Backpack if having the most liquid possible is your main requirement.

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