Best indoor herb gardens for Thrifter 2022

Indoor herb gardens are super fascinating to me as someone who's not really much of a gardener. They make the whole process really simple by eliminating so much of the stuff you need for traditional gardening, including soil and the need to be outdoors. If you don't have a huge yard, or any yard at all, or you just live in a place like a downtown urban center where you can't leave things outside, an indoor herb garden could change how you cook. Grow all sorts of herbs like basil, dill, and thyme. Do it quickly and easily. And do it all year round so you always have a supply to choose from!

Aerogarden Herb Garden

Best Choice: AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor hydroponic garden

Top Pick

Grow up to six plants at once that can get up to twelve inches tall. It's super easy to grow, too, since you just need water and the built-in LEDs. There's no soil and no mess. The control panel on the device tells you when to add water or add the included plant food.

$119 at Amazon
Planters Choice Herb Garden

Guided Planting: Planters' Choice 9 Herb Window Garden kit

This is a 34-piece kit that includes 9 reusable pots with ample drainage and drip trays, 3 nutrient-rich soil discs that expand when you add water, and 9 packets of premium seeds with 9 different herbs to get you started. Use the 9 bamboo markers to keep your seedlings identified.

$35 at Amazon
Idoo 7 Pods

Oxygen from Water: iDoo 7-pod indoor hydroponics growing system

The garden germination kit includes a water circulation system that helps increase oxygen in the water. You can actually grow your herbs faster this way than in soil, and you have total control of the weather with a kit like this thanks to the high-performance 24-watt grow lights. You'll also get three smart modes for the different growth stages, two water pump circulation modes, and the ability to adjust the height of your growing veggies.

$59 at Amazon
Zestigreens Indoor Herb Garden

Individual Planters: Zestigreens indoor herb garden kit with wooden planters

COmes with three mini wooden herb planters that all have internal drip trays, expandable soil discs, organic herb seeds, and chalk so you can label each one with the right herb. It's all you need to get started. After your first attempt, you can seek out other kits to add to your garden. Includes step-by-step instructions and the herbs are guaranteed to grow.

$20 at Amazon
Aerogarden Bounty Indoor

Larger Garden: AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

This is a Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa voice-controlled enabled garden. It has a 3-step water level indicator, easy plant set up, and a system that can grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round. Grow up to nine plants that can get up to 2-feet tall. Uses powerful 40-watt LED grow lights, water, and a formulated Miracle-Grow liquid plant food. No soil necessary, and you get a 9-pod heirloom salad seed pod kit.

$382 at Amazon
36 Pocket Garden

Wall Garden: Ogrmar 36-pocket vertical wall garden planter

Easily attaches to a fence by zip ties and can be mounted to a wall with nails. It's made with a felt material that holds moisture, allows for drainage, and can breathe. Use it indoors or outdoors.

$20 at Amazon

No mess and no fuss

Most of these herb gardens rely on hydroponics and powerful grow lights to do everything they need to do. For simple herbs, they grow easily and a lot faster than you might expect. Some indoor gardens can handle plants up to a foot tall or more, so you can have a really solid supply for whatever you might use these herbs for. Plus, even though some of the indoor kits like the AeroGarden Black Harvest garden come with an herb pod kit to get you started, it's really easy to buy more. Grow new herbs or just refresh your supply as you see fit.

Indoor gardens aren't just about the convenience of your own herb supply. They can also be very decorative. Whether you're growing a living wall like this one from Algreen or using Home Grown's ceramic pots to impress your friends, you can really add some nice accents to your kitchen with these kits.

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