Best Key Hangers Thrifter 2022

If you're the sort of person who leaves the house without their keys or somehow manages to misplace them every other day, then you need a key hanger. Having a spot near the door or somewhere else in your home where you always keep your keys makes it way easier to ensure you always know where they are. That way, you save time searching the house for them when you're in a rush to get out of the door. We've listed the best options available below to make choosing the right one for you easy.

Spitero Wall Mount Key Hanger

Best overall: Spiretro Wall Mount Wooden Entryway Mail Organizer

Staff Pick

With a rustic design, three key hooks, and a small shelf, this key hanger has enough space for your essentials to be all in one place. There's even a slot for storing the day's mail or other important documents you need to take with you or remember to deal with.

$23 at Amazon
Mdesign Wall Mount Key Hanger

Simple design: mDesign Wall Mount Key Rack, 2-pack

If you don't need extras like shelves and mail slots, these wall-mounted mDesign key hooks make for a more simple key hanging experience with an understated bronze design. There are 5 hooks on each rack so you can keep all of your keys hung up and easily accessible.

$15 at Amazon
Moko Magnetic Key Hanger

Magnet magic: MoKo Magnetic Key Holder

Instead of a row of boring hooks, this MoKo key hanger 2-pack utilizes magnets to hold your keys up and adds a little bit of whimsical flair to your hallway. Each hanger is easy to mount with the included adhesive and can hold a bunch of loose keys and keychains.

$10 at Amazon
Marshall Guitar Amp Key Hanger

For the music lover: Pluginz Marshall Jack Rack

Any rock lover will love this key hanger designed to look and feel like a real Marshall amp. It comes with four guitar plug keychains that can then be used with the rack's inputs to hang your keys up when you get home each day.

$34 at Amazon
Mdesign Wall Mount Woven Mail Organizer Key Hanger

Store more: mDesign Wall Mount Woven Mail Organizer

If you need a little more space for more keys and mail, this mDesign option offers plenty of space. It features five key hooks and two tiers of storage baskets so you can keep incoming and outgoing mail separate. It comes in a few different color options.

$20 at Amazon
Mygift Vintage Key Hanger

Shelf space: MyGift Wall-Mounted Display Shelf with Key Hooks

With four key hooks and a three-tier shelf design, there's enough space to hang keys and other lightweight items while displaying a photo frame, a succulent, or having a dedicated space for your wallet or other items you need to grab as you head out.

$20 at Amazon

Home storage

For some reason, keys seem to go missing more than most other household items so it makes sense to have a dedicated storage space. We recommend the Spiretro Wall Mount Wooden Entryway Mail Organizer as the overall best pick as it has enough space for a few sets of keys as well as must-grab items like a wallet or sunglasses with its mix of hooks and small shelf. It's also got a mail organizer component that makes it easy to store important letters.

If you want a simpler option, the mDesign Wall Mount Key Rack offers just hooks with an understated, traditional design with enough space for all of your keys. mDesign also offers an option with more storage space in the Wall Mount Woven Mail Organizer which has larger compartments for mail as well as additional hooks.

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