Best Keychain Bottle Openers Thrifter 2022

Whether you're rocking up at a house party, at a pre-game tailgate, or on a camping trip, having a bottle opener attached to your keys could come in clutch. Since you never know when you might need to crack open a cold one, it's best to be prepared. Thankfully, there are tons of great keychain bottle opener options, as detailed below.

Justmikeo Bottle Opener

Best overall: JUSTMIKEO Bottle Opener, 5-pack

Staff Pick

With a super affordable 5-pack of mini bottle openers, you can hook one up to each set of keys you own so you're never caught short. These bottle openers are pretty compact, which is good since it's less bulk on your keychain, but have just the right amount of leverage to lift a bottle's lid or pop a can's pull tab.

$4 at Amazon
Tikit Bottle Opener

Made in USA: Tikit Bottle Opener

Made of solid steel, the Tikit is designed to last. Its flat design with keychain hole means you can easily attach to your keys or slide it into your wallet or pocket. You can order a bundle of two or four to save a little cash too. Available in chrome or black finishes.

$6 at Amazon
Flycheers Mini Keychain Bottle Opener

Super small: Flycheers Titanium Keychain Bottle Opener

If you want to add a bottle opener to your keys but don't want to add a ton of bulk, this is the right pick for you. At just an inch long, you'll barely notice it's there but you'll be glad you attached one to your keys if you end up needing it. It's made with titanium alloy and designed to remain rustless.

$10 at Amazon
Wendy Mall Key Bottle Opener

Vintage look: Wendy Mall Key Shape Beer Bottle Opener, 2-pack

These bottle openers will blend in perfectly with your keys since they look like rustic keys themselves. That key-like design means you don't have a bulky, awkward shape on your keychain and its design is long enough so you get easy leverage when opening your next bottle.

$7 at Amazon
Geekey Multi Tool

More than a bottle opener: Geekey Multi-Tool

For a lot of people, keychain space is at a premium so adding a one-trick item to the bunch is less than desirable. A Geekey multi-tool is better for those folks as it not only opens bottles but also as a screwdriver, wrench, ruler, file, and much more.

$23 at Amazon
Nfl Bottle Opener

Rep your team: Aminco NFL 2-Sided Helmet Bottle Opener Keychain, 2-pack

Show your team colors with these NFL helmet-style keychain bottle openers. Choose between all NFL teams and find the design for you and your family. You get two bottle openers in this pack so you can equip a couple of sets of keys. You're bound to impress at the tailgate with these.

$10 at Amazon
Nidavellir 2 Pack Marvel Keychain Bottle Openers

Show your fandom: Nidavellir Infinity Gauntlet and Mjolnir Keychain Bottle Opener, 2-pack

This keychain 2-pack is a must-have for any Marvel fan with Thor's hammer Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlet designs. Each is made of a premium zinc alloy with an exquisite design that will look great hanging off your keys, backpack, or purse.

$14 at Amazon

Lift the lid

For a lot of people, a bottle opener is something that gets thought about super infrequently. In fact, the only time most people think of a bottle opener is exactly when they need one. That's why we picked the 5-pack of JUSTMIKEO bottle openers as our best overall keychain bottle opener option. Not only are they small and compact, adding little bulk to your keys, but you get five of them so you can attach one to every set of keys you have and never be without one.

The Geekey multi-tool is perfect for those that want to maximize every item's usefulness that takes up space on their keychain. Not only does it open bottles but it is a full-on, key-shaped multi-tool that will come in handy in a whole bunch of situations. Of course, there are a ton of other styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from and the above list outlines several of the best options.

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