Like it or not, eBooks are here to stay. There has been so much passionate debate on whether print books or eBooks are better, but the truth of the matter is that it doesn't need to be a competition. Physical books have their own pros and cons, from seeing your favorite novel on your bookshelf every day to accidentally spilling your coffee all over it, just like eBooks can feel lifeless in comparison yet always in your pocket and ready to read wherever you go. If you're an avid reader who doesn't have a way to read eBooks yet, it's past time to change that.

It's been over a decade since Amazon's first Kindle e-Reader was released, and since then there have been a number of iterations where the design and included features have been tinkered with and improved on. Latest models like the Kindle Paperwhite are equipped with premium features like a waterproof casing and the ability to play audiobooks from Audible. Remember when the Kindle couldn't be read in the dark since it didn't have a built-in light? That's a problem of the past.

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Best Kindle Deals Available Now

The best part about Amazon's Kindle e-Readers is that there are different models to meet buyers at various price points. While the All-new Kindle starts at $89.99 (with special offers), models like the Kindle Paperwhite (priced at $129.99) add additional features for a higher cost. The Kindle Oasis is the best of the models currently available as it features an adjustable warm light that can get brighter than any of the other models can, along with a 7-inch display that's an inch larger than the other models have. However, it's also one of the priciest at its regular cost of $249.99.

Sure, Amazon may usually have the best Kindle deals, but that's not the only retailer where you'll be able to save on these stellar e-Readers. We've put together a list of the best Kindle deals available right now at various retailers across the net.

Best Cheap Kindle Deals

Deals on Kindle e-Readers are always coming and going, so you'll want to be quick about completing the purchase if you see an offer you like. That works both ways too — if there's not a deal you like right now, it's likely we'll see new offers on Kindle devices within the next week or so. Check back soon for more offers.

Kindle Trade-in Offer | 20% off at Amazon

Already have an older Kindle and looking to upgrade? Amazon's latest trade-in offer gives you cash for the appraised value of your Kindle e-Reader when you trade it in, along with a 20% discount toward a new Kindle which will be applied to your account automatically. Even the very first Kindle is eligible for this offer.

See at Amazon

Kindle (Refurbished, 10th Gen) | $79.99 at Amazon

One way to save on the Kindle is by picking up a refurbished model at $10 off the price of a new model! This refurbished eReader has been tested and inspected to ensure it's in proper working condition and it even comes with a same warranty than a new model includes. You'll score a three-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited with the purchase, too.

$79.99 at Amazon

All-new Kindle with free Kindle Unlimited | $89.99 at Amazon

Score a free 3-month trial to Kindle Unlimited with your purchase of the All-new Kindle e-reader! The service normally costs $10 per month and will renew automatically unless you decide to cancel your membership beforehand.

$89.99 at Amazon

Kindle Essentials Bundle | $124.97 at Amazon

Score a 10th generation Kindle along wiith a stylish Kindle Fabric Cover to keep it protected and a power adapter. Today's deal saves you $15 off the bundle's usual cost.

$124.97 at Amazon

Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle | $127.97 at Amazon

Perfect for the little one who loves to read, and the little ones who need to do more of it, the Kindle Kids Edition includes a 10th generation Kindle e-Reader along with a kid-friendly cover and a year of Freetime Unlimited access. However, the best part is that it comes with a 2-year, no-questions-asked, replacement guarantee no matter what happens to it. This Essentials bundle also includes a screen protector and a power adapter.

$127.97 at Amazon

Kindle (2-pack) | $139.98 at Best Buy

Best Buy has a special offer saving you over $35 when you pick up two of Amazon's all-new Kindle e-Readers. You must click the 'Hot Offer' below the item's price on its product page at Best Buy to snag this deal.

$139.98 at Best Buy

Best Cheap Kindle Paperwhite Deals

This enhanced Kindle e-Reader offers 8GB or 32GB of storage compared to the standard model's 4GB capacity, and it also features an upgraded resolution and an additional front light for easier visibility when reading at night. Plus, this model is waterproof unlike the Kindle above and is equipped with a glare-free display that looks like real paper rather than a screen.

Kindle Paperwhite | As low as $123.49 at Target

One way to save on the Kindle Paperwhite today is by shopping at Target. You'll need to use a RedCard and you'll save 5% at checkout.

$123.49 at Target

Kindle Paperwhite (2-pack) | As low as $212.89 at Target

Target is offering $52 off the purchase of two Kindle Paperwhite e-readers today. Using a RedCard will save you an extra $10 during checkout.

$212.89 at Target

Kindle Paperwhite (Refurbished, 7th Gen) | $79.99 at Amazon

Pick up the previous version of the Kindle Paperwhite at $50 less than the regular model now costs! This refurbished eReader has been tested and inspected to ensure it's in proper working condition and it even comes with a same warranty than a new model includes.

$79.99 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite (Refurbished, Current Gen) | $109.99 at Amazon

Snag the latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite in refurbished condition at Amazon to save $20 off its usual cost. These have been inspected to ensure they're in proper working condition and include a limited 1-year warranty.

$109.99 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Bundle | $159.97 at Amazon

Show your love for The Hunger Games series with one of these Kindle Paperwhite bundles. You'll recieve the Wi-Fi edition of the latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader along with an exclusive The Hunger Games cover. Another option includes a cover featuring art from the recently released prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. A power adapter is included with the purchase as well.

$159.97 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle | from $169.97 at Amazon

If you would rather not have a cover inspired by The Hunger Games, this Kindle Paperwhite bundle features a leather cover instead. The additional power adapter is included with this bundle too, and there are a few different cover colors you can choose from while supplies last, though a few are a bit higher priced.

from $169.97 at Amazon

Best Cheap Kindle Oasis Deals

Though the Oasis is the most expensive Kindle to date, it makes the cost well-worth it with the highest resolution and largest display yet at 7 inches wide. Plus, its built-in buttons give you another way to turn the page — this time without having to touch the screen. This model is waterproof as well and features an adjustable warm light that lets you change the shade of the screen from white to amber.

Kindle Oasis with free Kindle Unlimited | $249.99 at Amazon

We don't usually see deals on the Kindle Oasis, but right now you can score Amazon's best e-reader with three months of Kindle Unlimited at no extra cost! This subscription will auto-renew after three months unless you decide to cancel the service.

$249.99 at Amazon

Which Kindle should I buy?

Now that the Kindle e-Reader is in its 10th generation, even the most affordable model is well-improved over the initial incarnations of the device. That means you really can't go wrong even with the base model, though if you have more to spend, you can find a top-of-the-line e-reading experience with models like the Kindle Oasis.

Priced at $249.99, the Kindle Oasis is one of the priciest, and fully-featured, e-Readers ever to come from Amazon. Its display is as book-like as the Paperwhite, though it has a slightly larger screen compared to other Kindle devices at 7 inches wide. It's waterproof so you can read in the bath or in the pool, and there are even built-in buttons to help turn the page — that can keep the screen cleaner, too. Another big difference between the Oasis and the Paperwhite is that the Oasis has an adjustable warm light so you can switch from white to amber and keep reading easy on your eyes.

Meanwhile, the Kindle Paperwhite comes in at $129.99 and has a screen that seems like it's real paper rather than a display. It can even be read outside in bright sunlight. It's waterproof just like the Kindle Oasis above and it can play audiobooks from Audible too.

If you're buying a Kindle for a kid, be sure to look into the Kids Edition model. It's basically the same as the All-new Kindle (10th generation) though it comes with a few extras to enhance the experience for your child, such as a kid-proof case and a year of Freetime Unlimited. The service lets them read a wide selection of age-appropriate books on Kindle and also includes access to games, tv shows, movies, and more that are all safe for young children. The best part about the Kindle Kids Edition e-readers is the worry-free 2-year guarantee. If anything happens to the tablet within two years after your purchase, you can return it to Amazon for a replacement at no additional cost.

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