Best laptop stand Thrifter 2022

There's no good reason why you should be working at a desk without a laptop stand. Keeping your computer screen at an appropriate height is paramount to reducing eyestrain and neck cramps, however, laptop stands also serve another important function. Most of the best laptop stands allow proper heat ventilation to keep your laptop running cool during longer periods of use, while also eliminating desk clutter for a more organized workspace.

Rain Design Mstand

Best laptop stand: Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand

Staff Pick

Easily swivel your laptop 360 degrees with the Rain Design mStand360. It tilts your screen closer towards you while helping to improve airflow around your laptop, and there's even a small space where you can store a small keyboard out of sight.

$50 at Amazon
Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Best for travel: Nulaxy Laptop Stand

With its open-back design, this lightweight laptop stand is properly suited to help keep your computer from overheating. It comes in three separate pieces that are easy to assemble or take apart when you want to bring it somewhere.

$34 at Amazon
Simplehouseware Metal Desk Stand

Best for organization: SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser

Raise your laptop to a more comfortable viewing height with this metal desk riser. It has integrated pockets on the side that let you store your office supplies nearby, as well as a small tray underneath where you can keep a small keyboard or notepad.

$23 at Amazon
Twelve South Curve

Best minimalist stand: Twelve South Curve

The Twelve South Curve stand has a minimalist design that keeps 70% of your laptop's base exposed for optimal cooling. This sturdy stand raises your laptop six inches off your desk and is best suited for 11-inch to 17-inch models.

$41 at Amazon
Huanuo Laptop Stand

Best mountable stand: Huanuo Laptop Desk Mount Stand

Looking to mount your laptop stand to your desk? This stand is built for up to 15.7-inch laptops and can be easily maneuvered thanks to the adjustable arm it's attached to that can be tilted, swiveled, or rotated at your leisure.

$39 at Amazon
Twelve South Parcslope Stand

Best for artists: Twelve South ParcSlope

The ParcSlope lets you elevate your laptop screen to a more comfortable, neck-friendly position, though unlike most other laptop stands, you can still comfortably type on your laptop's keyboard while it's on this stand as well. This model is also perfect for digital artists to prop up their tablets and start creating.

$56 at Amazon
Soundance Laptop Stand

Best variety: Soundance Laptop Stand

Choose a color that matches your room's decor with the Soundance Laptop Stand. It's available in nearly 10 different colors and works with 10-inch to 15.6-inch laptops. Best of all, it can be disassembled into three different parts for easy storage or travel.

$23 at Amazon
Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser

Best for varied use: Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser

This laptop stand is made of powder-coated steel with perforated holes for improved airflow. It's capable of holding up to 44 pounds, so you could even use it for a large monitor or a printer.

$13 at Amazon

Take a stand

When it comes to your workspace, how everything is set up can directly affect your focus and how much you actually accomplish each day. That's why having a proper laptop stand is so important. As you can tell from the list above, there are a ton of excellent options but not every model is made the same. For instance, if you want a laptop stand that is easy to pack in a bag, you won't find better options than the Soundance Laptop Stand or the Nulaxy Laptop Stand which are both easy to disassemble and reassemble within seconds.

Rain Design's mStand 360 Laptop Stand reached the top of our list for several different reasons, but our favorite feature of this model is its swivel base. You can easily rotate your laptop 360 degrees without having to reposition the stand. Plus, it's designed so that your laptop stays cool while in use and even has a space where you can store your keyboard away to clear your desk.

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