Best Large Pink Erasers Thrifter 2020

Everyone makes mistakes, but fixing your mistakes can put you above the rest of the pack. That's why erasers can be so crucial to school work and other handwritten documents. Despite the work you accomplish, leaving words scratched out and unsightly, smudged eraser marks can make your paper look less than great. However, with the right eraser, your paper can look perfect even after you've made a few errors.

Best in any scenario: PaperMate Pink Pearl Erasers

Staff Pick

PaperMate's iconic Pink Pearl Erasers are 100% latex-free and smudge-resistant to keep your paper looking neat even after erasing a mistake. In fact, the clean finish is perfect to use for exams, essays, and standardized testing.

$4.99 at Amazon

Get comfortable: BIC Erasers with Grip

Bic's erasers are complemented with a handy grip that makes it even easier to keep hold of one. This 4-pack includes various colors of erasers, including pink, green, orange, and white.

$8 at Amazon

Beveled erasure: Ticonderoga Pink Erasers

Ticonderoga's non-toxic pink erasers are latex-free and feature a beveled design that gives you a bit more control than smaller erasers can. They're also great at leaving your paper smudge-free after erasing.

$4.89 at Amazon

Best for bulk purchases: Artellius Smudge-Free Pink Erasers

Buying in bulk is the way to go if you want to save on future purchases, and this 100-pack of Artellius pink erasers makes it possible. They're made from a 100% latex-free rubber compound and are built for durability so you can scrub away pencil marks without your eraser tearing apart.

$24.99 at Amazon

No more mistakes: Sargent Art Large Erasers

Sargent Art's large erasers are a worthwhile pick whether you're buying for a student, for your home office, or for a teacher. They're latex-free, too, and come in various quantities from 4-packs to 72-packs.

$9.86 at Amazon

Clean slate: Mr. Pen Pink Erasers

Make erasing effortless with Mr. Pen's pink erasers that are suitable for just about any occasion. They're designed to keep from scratching or damaging your paper while you're cleaning up mistakes on the page.

$4.85 at Amazon

Erasing the competition

Even though the pink erasers in our guide above are mostly similar, there are a few important differences between them that could make one version more suitable for you than the next. For instance, BIC's erasers are the only options on our list that sit inside a handgrip. That makes it a lot easier to keep hold of your eraser while you're trying to get rid of a mistake on your paper, making it an indispensible choice for anyone who has had trouble keeping hold of a traditional large eraser in the past.

However, our favorite large pink erasers are by PaperMate. These really are what first comes to mind when you're on the hunt for the traditional large pink eraser, hitting nearly every checkbox you could ask for. They're 100% latex-free and leave a clean finish on the page after you've erased something — as if your mistake never happened in the first place. Plus, with the sharp corners and flat faces, you can focus in on erasing minute details or erase larger areas quickly.

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