Best lawn mowers Thrifter 2022

A beautiful, solid lawn takes a lot of work. Whether you have multiple acres you need to mow or a small fenced-in patch behind your townhome, you need a tool to mow that grass. Most of the best lawn mowers available on Amazon do a lot more than just cut the grass, too. They offer a lot of ways to dispose of the grass either into a bag or through mulching. Some even do more than just mow the lawn with additional string trimming and edgers and tech like that. The biggest difference between them is usually how they are powered. You can choose between gas-powered, electric, battery-powered, and more.

Greenworks 40v

Best Value: Greenworks 40V 21-inch brushless self-propelled lawn mower

Top Pick

Uses a highly-efficient 40V brushless motor with torque, quiet operation, and a longer lifespan. With two fully-charged 4Ah batteries you get a run-time of up to 70 minutes depending on your lawn's condition. Includes a steel 21-inch cutting deck and a self-propelled system for automatically adjusting to your walking speed.

$436 on Amazon
Black Decker Mulit Tool

Best Multi-Tool: Black + Decker 3-in-1 lawn mower, string trimmer, and edger

Do more than just mow the lawn. The automatic feed system helps you work continuously without having to stop. The tool won't get bogged down either thanks to the power drive transmission. Also has an adjustable height deck and pivoting handle. With two included batteries you can hot swap and extend the run time until the job is done.

$144 at Amazon
Sun Joe Mower

Best Battery Powered: Sun Joe 48-volt 17-inch walk-behind mulching mower

The batteries for this lawn mower install quickly and easily on the front and can be easily removed to recharge. The mower uses a durable steel blade with a 14-inch wide path. With 48 volts of power you'll get a run time of up to 25 minutes, making it great for small and medium-sized lawns.

$255 at Amazon
Greenworks Corded

Best Corded: Greenworks 20-inch 3-in-1 electric corded lawn mower

Has a 20-inch steel deck and a powerful 12-amp motor. Includes features for mulching, side discharge, or dispensing into a rear bag. You can adjust the height with the 7-position lever. Uses a push button start system and has foldable handles for easy storage.

$200 at Amazon
Worx Mower

Long-lasting Battery: Worx WG743 40V PowerShare 17-inch lawn mower

This lawn mower is designed to add power as the grass gets thicker and dials it back when it's not, that way you can conserve energy. You can also pick from six cutting heights so you can use the mower during different seasons. The battery for this mower works with other 20v and 40v Worx tools, which makes it good if you're already in the Worx ecosystem.

$290 at Amazon
American Lawn Mower Company

Best Manual Mower: American Lawn Mower Company 14-inch push reel lawn mower

Uses a 4-blade reel with a cutting width of 14 inches and durable 8.5-inch polymer wheels. Has an adjustable blade height, and the blades are made with heat-treated alloy steel that'll last for years. The mower is pollution free, noise free, low maintenance, lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store.

$81 at Amazon

Cut the grass

You need a lot more than just grass cutting from your lawn mower usually. You need something that's efficient, can last for years, doesn't mind sitting in your garage for months at a time, and has some extra features that make disposing of the cut grass easy enough. That's why the top recommendation is for the Greenworks 40V self-propelled lawn mower. It's going to make your lawn maintenance job that much easier with all the features it offers, not the least of which is the ease of battery power with the two included batteries.

Of course, if you don't want to worry about batteries you can grab the gas-powered Craftsman mower, which includes features like an automatic choke that makes starting it much easier than the mowers you might remember from your childhood. Leave power behind completely if your lawn is small enough with the American Lawn Mower Company's push reel mower. The only thing you'll need for that one is some solid upper body strength.

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