Best Lawn Stakes Thrifter 2022

Garden stakes are an essential tool for homeowners. Whether you're securing tarps or landscape fabric, holding plants or hoses in place, or even setting up outdoor lighting, there are countless ways to put them to use and you never know when they might come in handy. We've gathered the best stakes available so you can find a set that suits your yard and the work you have planned.

Gardenmate 100pk Ushaped Stakes

Best heavy-duty lawn stakes: GardenMate 6-inch Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Securing Stakes

Staff Pick

GardenMate's heavy-duty garden stakes feature a U-shaped design and measure six inches long each. These stakes are made of galvanized steel and can come in handy for countless tasks.

$23 at Amazon
Iit 9in 30pc Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs Garden Stakes

Hook it up: IIT 9-inch Galvanized Steel Garden Stakes

This pack comes with 30 galvanized steel garden stakes each measuring 9 inches long. These 4mm diameter rods also have a handy hook at the top where you can attach a rope or anchor something down easily.

$13 at Amazon
Homestead 150pk Galvanized Sod Staples

How U-seful: Homestead Choice 6-Inch Galvanized Garden Landscape Sod Staples

Homestead Choice's sod staples feature a U-shaped design that could be quite useful depending on your task at hand. They're made of galvanized steel to prevent rust and measure six inches long.

$35 at Amazon
Dimex Easyflex Plastic Nylon Spikes

A plastic pick: Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Spiral Nylon Spikes

The Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Spiral Nylon Spikes are designed so you can take care of landscaping on your own. They're easy to push into your yard and are strong enough for commercial use yet perfect for use at home as well.

$15 at Amazon
Ashman Garden Stakes

More for less: Ashman Galvanized Garden Stakes Landscape Stakes

These galvanized steel garden stakes from Ashman are a nice pick if you're looking to place a bulk order. They're available in packs of 150, 200, and 500 stakes and measure six inches long.

$26 at Amazon
Hydrofoam Natural 25pk Bamboo

A longer option: Hydrofarm Natural Bamboo Stake

Hydrofoam manufactures these natural bamboo stakes which are perfect for assisting with the early development and growth habits of young plants and trees in your yard. They come in various lengths, from 2 feet long up to 8 feet.

$26 at Amazon

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If you're not sure which lawn stakes to choose for your yard or garden, there are a few things to keep in mind before placing an order. The construction of the stakes you choose affects how long they'll last, and while there thankfully aren't any metal stakes in the guide above that could rust in your yard, you'll still have to make a choice between different materials such as galvanized steel, plastic nylon, or even natural bamboo. The next feature to consider is length; depending on what you'll be using the stakes for, you may find that longer stakes are either unnecessary or essential to the task at hand.

The GardenMate 6-inch Heavy-Duty Securing Stakes reached the top spot in our guide for their heavy-duty design that's made of galvanized steel to protect from rust and allow for extra durability. Plus, with the U-shaped design, they add two points of contact to hold down other objects where traditional stakes only feature one. Then again, these galvanized steel garden stakes by IIT are another excellent selection. While they don't feature a U-shape, they are unique on our list for having an integrated hook on top where you can anchor objects or attach a rope. They're also some of the biggest stakes on our list measuring 9 inches long.

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