Best license plate screws Thrifter 2022

There are plenty of screws on Amazon designed to hold down your license plate securely, but it takes quite a bit of searching if you're hoping to find the best on the market. Whether you need a set that will hold down just the plate itself or longer screws that are a good fit for a plate and a frame, we've gathered several of the best options available to help put an end to your search and get your plate secured properly.

Ottospeed License Plate Screws Kit

Best bundle value: OttoSpeed License Plate Screws Fastener Kit

Staff Pick

The OttoSpeed License Plate Screws Fastener Kit comes with eight license plate screws made of marine grade stainless steel and black zinc plated to keep them rust-free. You'll also receive eight black screw covers, nylon license plate screw inserts, and adhesive-backed foam anti-rattle pads.

$9 at Amazon
Revolution Car Badges License Plate Screws

Best screws: Revolution Car Badges Rustproof License Plate Screws

For those who only need a few screws rather than an entire kit, this set of four rustproof steel license plate screws is a stellar pick that comes in a few different color options. These standard length screws are compatible with most vehicles that use nylon or plastic screw retainers.

$8 at Amazon
Snug Fasteners License Plate Screws

Premium pick: SNUG Fasteners Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

These premium 304 stainless steel screws come in packs of four and are easy to screw in using a flat head screwdriver or a 3/8" drive socket. They're standard length and fit most cars and trucks with a nylon/plastic screw retainer.

$6 at Amazon
Prime Ave License Plate Screws Extended

Extended length: Prime Ave Extended Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

Prime Ave has extended license plate screws that are 4mm longer than standard-sized options and a better fit for installing license plates and a frame together. They're rust-free, stainless steel, and a single pack comes with eight screws.

$6 at Amazon
Ottospeed License Plate Screws Antitheft Kit

Everything you'll need: OttoSpeed Anti-Theft License Plate Screws Kit

This anti-theft screw kit comes with four stainless steel license plate screws, four nylon screw inserts, and special tamper-proof security pin compatible tools that will help keep thieves from stealing your plate or frame. These are standard size and compatible in nylon/plastic screw retainers.

$9 at Amazon
Aootf Anti Theft License Plate Screws Kit

Swiper, no swiping: Aootf Anti-Theft Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

This 38-piece set comes with eight anti-theft license plate screws that will keep would-be thieves from removing your license plate from your vehicle, along with eight large sound-insulating foam pads and everything else you'll need for installation.

$16 at Amazon
Makers Bolt Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

Hold it down: Makers Bolt Stainless Steel License Plate Screws

Makers Bolt license plate screws are passivated for extra protection from harsh environments, including road salts. They're available in your choice of silver or black stainless steel and can be used to hold down just a license plate or with a plate and a frame.

$7 at Amazon

Which to choose?

While all of the options on our list are stellar, some may be better suited for your vehicle than others. Some of these screw sets come in various colors like black or silver that can add an accent or match the exterior of your vehicle. The license plate screws by Revolution Car Badges are some of our favorites as they're available in a few different color options including Stainless Steel, Black Zinc Plated, and Chrome Plated. Other screws are designed with anti-theft features to keep anyone from removing them without the proper tool, such as this anti-theft license plate screws kit.

The OttoSpeed License Plate Screws Fastener Kit was chosen as our top pick due to the range of items it includes with your screws. Not only does it come with eight rust-free screws, but you'll also receive screw covers, foam anti-rattle pads, and screw inserts to help keep everything properly secured. It comes with everything you need to install these screws on up to four vehicles.

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