A dog collar is one thing. A light up dog collar is a whole-nother-thing. Perfect for the dog that just likes to get away once in a while. Maybe your dog just likes to hide in the backyard when you go to bring him in at night. Maybe you just need to be able to pick him out of a crowd of dogs at the dog park. Sometimes a light up dog collar can be good so that other people can see him, such as people in cars that may not notice a dog but could notice a bright LED light. Whatever the reason, the light up dog collar fulfills a very specific purpose for identifying your dog and could even save his life. Here are the best light up dog collars on Amazon.

Illumiseen Led Collar

Best Overall: Illumiseen USB rechargeable LED dog collar

You can get this collar in six different sizes and six different colors. It's a user-friendly and fully adjustable collar, and you can change the light from a steady color to a rapid flashing and a slow pulsating with just a click. You'll get five hours of illumination on a single charge that takes just one hour.

$18 at Amazon
Led Dog Collar

Collar-length Light Strip: Blazin' Safety LED dog collar

Choose from four different sizes and nine different colors. The dog collar has outstanding visibility up to 350 feet away, which is great for spotting your dog at night or helping him avoid traffic when he accidentally gets away. Can run for up to eight hours and has three modes including steady light, strobe, and blink.

$22 at Amazon
Tube Collar

Tube Collar: BSeen LED dog collar

This is a one-size fits all dog collar good for small and medium-sized dogs. It is 70 cm in length and can be cut to fit. The lights have three settings including slow flash, quick flash, and steady glow. The LEDs recharge easily via USB.

$16 at Amazon
Illumifun Collar

Very Adjustable: Illumifun nylon webbing LED dog collar

Includes three different lighting modes and can be recharged quickly via a micro USB cable. Charge for two hours and get anywhere from two to ten hours based on the mode you're using (flash modes use less power than steady glow). These collars are easily adjustable and fit small to large dogs.

$13 at Amazon
Clan X Dog Collar

Glow in the Dark: Clan_X Glow in the Dark LED dog collar

Not only does this colllar have rechargeable LED lighting, it also uses reflective nylon stitches and a TPU light-guiding tube to increase its visibility up to 500 feet away. It's an adjustable collar that can fit multiple sizes of dog or cat. Has three flashing modes that are easily changed, and the blinking modes will help the battery last longer.

$11 at Amazon
Clip On Collar Light

Attachable Light: Nite Ize SPotlight XL carabiner clip LED collar light

Better than buying a whole new collar, just get this clip-on collar light for your dog's current collar. Has a large push button to turn it on and off. Runs for 10 hours and fully recharges in 1.5 hours using micro USB. Choose from four different colors or make it cycle with Disc-O mode. It is weather resistant and the carabiner is stainless steel so it is durable as well.

$16 at Amazon

Stay Seen

There are so many different reasons you might want an LED dog collar. Almost all of those reasons are because you love your doggo and want to keep him safe. He's just running into the woods because he saw a squirrel or running across the road because he smelled something tasty. Situational awareness is not a dog's strong suit when curiosity has the better of him. Wrap an LED dog collar like the one from Blazin' Safety around his neck so even if he can't see, other people can see him. That one is great because it wraps all the way around the collar instead of just lighting up a portion of it.

If you're going to be out and about with your dog for a while, you might want something that will last a while. Some of these collars, like the Illumifun nylon LED collar, have lighting modes that help you preserve the battery life. A slow flash mode can extend the LED for up to ten hours. Or you can go with an option like the Clan_X collar that combines LED lighting with reflective nylon and a TPU light-guiding tube. This helps make it even more visible and ensures some visibility even when the LEDs stop working.

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