Best Lint Rollers Thrifter 2022

Some items of clothing seem to pick up dust and lint super easily and others seem to look fuzzier after each and every wash. If you want to keep your clothing looking fresh, you need to invest in a good lint roller — especially if you have pets. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options and they aren't that expensive so you can always have one on hand. Here's a list of the best options.

Scotch Brite Lint Roller

Best overall: Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Staff Pick

With an ergonomic handle, reliable Scotch brand stickiness, and 95 sheets to go through, this affordable lint roller is a solid choice whether you want to clear fuzz from your clothing or pick up pet hair from furniture around your home. You can get refills for it too so you don't have to keep paying for the plastic handle each time.

$4 at Amazon
Balhvit Lint Roller

Plenty of sheets: Balhvit Lint Roller, 5-pack

Balhvit's Lint Roller set includes two handles along with five 60-sheet refills for a total of 300 sheets. If you're a regular lint roller user, you can then have a couple of rollers in different places like your home or car as well as plenty of spare sheets so you don't have to worry about a restock for a while. The sheets also feature a neat spiral design for easy removal.

$11 at Amazon
Decorrack Lint Brush

Reusable: DecorRack Double-Sided Lint Brush, 2-pack

If disposable lint roller tape is not your bag, you could go for a reusable lint brush like this affordable DecorRack option. Instead of relying on adhesive tape, these brushes instead use fine bristles to pick up dust, fluff, and hair from clothing, furniture, and upholstery. It has the added benefit of not being a sticky object in your purse or glove box, too.

$5 at Amazon
Oxo Good Grips Lint Brush

Self-cleaning: OXO Good Grips FurLifter Garment Brush

OXO's FurLifter is a self-cleaning lint brush option if you want the ultimate in convenience. Brush it across clothing, furniture, and upholstery to remove your furry friends' hair. Its included base clears fur from the brush with a simple dip and holds fur in there until you empty it, keeping things clean and tidy.

$16 at Amazon
Gleener Fuzz Remover

Fuzz fixer: Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

If you want to freshen up your old favorites, this 2-in-1 fabric shaver and lint brush can do just that. It has three interchangeable edges to safely de-fuzz sweaters, coats, sofas, and more with a lint brush for picking off any dust, hairs, or other dander.

$20 at Amazon
Magitec Fabric Shaver

Battery-powered: Magictec Fabric Shaver

If manually scraping lint and fuzz from your clothes isn't your thing, then you could upgrade to a battery-powered clothing shaver. This model uses a three-blade system covered by a honeycomb mesh to protect your garments while automatically removing and collecting fuzz with its powerful suction. There's also a hidden garment brush for when you just need a lighter touch.

$14 at Amazon

Brush up

For most people, a simple lint roller will do the job of removing pesky pet hairs and generally freshening up clothing and furniture. That's why we've listed the Scothc-Brite Lint Roller as the best choice overall. It's affordable, has 90 reliably sticky sheets, and an ergonomic handle that allows you to quickly roll it over your jeans and jacket before you head out of the door.

If you don't want to get into a disposable adhesive system, you could go for a reusable lint brush instead which offers a reusable. The OXO FurLifter is particularly good if you have pets that shed and it even cleans itself when you place it into its base and holds the removed fur until you're ready to empty it.

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