Best lumber rack Thrifter 2022

Storing lumber, pipe, gutters, and other long material in your garage or shed can quickly turn into a big mess. Thankfully, there are storage racks designed specifically to make organizing these items much easier. Many of them are able to be mounted onto a wall inside or outside of your home, such as in your garage or down in the basement, and some even allow you to adjust the width between the pegs to accommodate any scenario. If you're ready to renovate your workspace, we've compiled six of the best lumber racks you can buy right now to get the job started.

Bora Wood Organizer Storage Rack

Storage with strength: Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack

Staff Pick

Each of Bora's shelves on this metal storage rack is capable of holding up to 110 pounds for a total weight limit of over 600 pounds. They're extremely strong and easy to mount on the walls of your garage or workshop.

$59 at Amazon
Homydom Wood Organizer Storage Rack

More versatility: Homydom Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack (4-pack)

This lumber storage rack is made with high-impact steel with each shelf able to hold up to 110 pounds. Plus, the shelves are adjustable so you can place the arms in different locations to suit your needs.

$60 at Amazon
Henson Garage Storage Rack

Create more space: Henson Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This is one of the best options for spaces that are already packed with work materials or other items. These steel racks are designed to be mounted onto your ceiling, however you won't want to load too much onto them. They can safely hold up to 50 pounds as a pair.

$21 at Amazon
Grizzly Industrial Lumber Rack

More space: Grizzly Industrial Lumber Rack 6-Shelf System

Grizzly Industrial's Lumber Rack is a 6-shelf system that can be used for lumber, PVC piping, pipes, gutters, and practically any other long material you need to store out of your way. Each shelf can hold up to 100 pounds.

$57 at Amazon
Kastforce Lumber Rack 5 Level

In or out: Kastforce Lumber Storage Rack 5-Level System

Kastforce's storage system offers a more compact solution for organizing your workshop. This 5-tier rack can hold up to 110 pounds per shelf and makes a great fit on garage walls, in basements, sheds, and even outside on fences.

$44 at Amazon
Titan 6shelf Lumber Storage Rack

Have it your way: Titan 6-Shelf Lumber Storage Rack

Titan's lumber storage rack is one of the most versatile picks around. The pegs can be removed so you can have more shelf height when needed. Plus, it features a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.

$60 at Amazon

Love your lumber

There are a few factors to consider before choosing which lumber rack to buy, with the amount of material you plan on storing being the most important of them all. The racks on our guide above have varying weight capacities, and some feature more shelves than others. Another thing to consider is the type of material you'll be storing. While flat lumber would work well on any of the options above, round material could roll off some of these models. The Henson Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers a solution to this problem with a raised tab on the end of each peg which works to keep all your material in place.

Our favorite lumber rack currently available is the Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack. This model features six levels that can hold up to 110 pounds each for a total weight capacity of over 600 pounds. You can mount the rails as far apart as needed, and getting them installed isn't very difficult either. All the required mounting hardware is included with the purchase, too.

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